Ritenkyo (離天京), sometimes spelled as Riten Kyo, is the main setting of Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. Its name literally means "the capital abandoned by heaven". The place is modeled after the setting in the Onihei Hankachō film adaption.


A decade after the events of Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage, warriors in the samurai class began to dispute with one another over the ideal of peace. The people who could not lay down their arms peacefully were banished to a secluded island off the shore of Edo. Initially dubbed "Thug's Lair", the inhabitants were revoked of their Japanese citizenship and restricted of travel anywhere off the island.

As time passed, the island attracted several thieves and bandits who wanted to escape punishment from the shogunate. They were eventually joined by several other outcasts of Japan's society. Since there was no official law on Thug's Lair, it became a paradise of sorts for crime and murder. Its reputation as "a lawless Shangri-La" gave birth to the island's common name, Ritenkyo.

When Jigen Taishi's plot was discovered by the shogunate, he fled to Ritenkyo with Oboro. Using intimidation and various methods of assassination, Oboro and his minions attempted to establish themselves as the new martial law. Their group was known as the League of the Three Blades of Domination (also known as the Razor Trio). Those who didn't join their group willingly were either executed or forced to join through underhanded methods. The power struggle in Ritenkyo continues in the game's story.


  • Gokumon (Prison Gates) - the entrance for criminals from Japan and the only legal port for the island. Also the only place on the island where the rules of the shogunate still apply. The samurai with the highest authority is a man named Samon. Through some misunderstanding, he calls Seishiro to see him when he first arrives in Ritenkyo. This instance can be seen during the in-game movie, "Let's go to Crime City".
  • Zegengai - This is where Yaci, Haito, the Shibito, Minto, and Ran Po reside. It's suggested that the Three Blades of Dominion also provide for the town.
  • Akatsuki Village - a town that seemingly follows the shogunate's rules. In reality, it is only an act and home of an anti-shogunate organization. This is where Jushiro, Saya, and Rinka live. It is a peaceful region on the island.
  • The Praying Tower - an abandoned church where Rimururu was sealed, residing within a field of flowers full of butterflies. Mugenji is often there tending his flower garden. Few people venture here.
  • Concealed Port - a port created by the Razor Trio. It has a flourishing foreign trade market to supply their group.
  • Polluted Forest - a mine in Ritenkyo is used by the Razor Trio to foster their lucrative business in weapons production. Refuse from the mine pollutes the forest and continues to ruin the surrounding trees.
  • The Holy Forest - the only place on the island blessed by nature. Nakoruru temporarily resides here. Due to Tashon Mao's self-proclaimed mission to protect her, not too many people come here.
  • Haikyo - a village with ruined buildings and unfinished construction. This is where the Razor Trio's castle, Tengenjyo, can be found.
  • Tengenjyo (Tengen Castle) - the main headquarters of the Razor Trio, located at central part of island. Jigen Taishi can be found hiding somewhere within its halls.
  • Mountain Robbers Cave - a system of caves located in the mountains, which once served as a hideout for Garyo's gang of robbers. A hidden pathway from Tengen Castle (or its dungeons) seems to lead to these caves. Hanzo used them to infiltrate island unnoticed.

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