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Leona Heidern and Iori Yagami transforming into Orochi Leona and Orochi Iori, as seen in The King of Fighters '97.

The Riot of the Blood (暴走ぼうそう, Chi no Bōsō, lit. Rampage of Blood) is a fictional physical and psychological transformation that appears throughout the The King of Fighters series fighting games. It was first shown in The King of Fighters '96.



Iori under the effects of the Riot of the Blood.

The Riot of the Blood is a circumstance that affects individuals with partial Orochi ancestry in their bloodlines. This condition happens when outer influences or an event makes the Orochi blood in a person resist their normal blood. In most common instances, those afflicted go completely berserk, and will continue to do so until the user is either knocked out or comes back to their senses.


Leona having full control over the Riot of the Blood.

Those with full-Orochi blood, including those who are already insane as Ryuji Yamazaki, are not affected by this uncontrollable state and in some cases, instead boosts their strength and energy without ill effects. Orochi and his followers can directly trigger this within themselves and others.

As evident in The King of Fighters Side Story: The Origin of Flame - Shingo Travels Through Time! Let's Go! on what happened to Shingo Yabuki between The King of Fighters XIV and The King of Fighters XV events, the energy unleashed from the Riot of the Blood can also leave a fragment effect of sorts with Orochi's curse upon victims that they scar. Such a presence can be easily sensed by others as a result.

As an attack[]

For Iori, it's been used as 2 of his Super Special Moves, as his normal version's Exceed in SvC Chaos and one of his supers in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.

For Leona, she akin to the lore, has been able to enter this state manually, mainly in KOF 2002, NeoWave and 2002 Unlimited Match (though at the cost of her current HP amount). Though it is in XIII she can briefly trigger it for a single attack.


Note: All the Hakkesshus can activate the Riot of the Blood anytime and awake the power in other vulnerable people to this blood, due to his condition of Orochi's servants and by their resistance to this power.

Hakkesshu (Orochi's servants)[]

Goenitz of the Wildly-Blowing Wind.
Alive after Verse's defeat.
Yashiro Nanakase of the Parched Earth.
Alive after Verse's defeat.
Shermie of the Insanely Violent Lightning.
Alive after Verse's defeat.
Chris of the Flames of Destiny.
Alive after Verse's defeat.
Killed by Iori Yagami while in the Riot of the Blood state. Currently a phantom shadow and may not have potentially been revived from Verse's defeat.
Killed by Iori Yagami while in the Riot of the Blood state. Currently a phantom shadow and may not have potentially been revived from Verse's defeat.
Ryuji Yamazaki
Alive; current whereabouts unknown.
Killed by his daughter Leona while in the Riot of the Blood state after refusing to join with Goenitz. Confirmed to have been revived following Verse's defeat, and current whereabouts unknown.

Cursed Characters[]

KOF All Star Wild Iori
Orochi Iori, inherited from the Orochi-cursed Yagami bloodline.
KOF All Star Wild Leona
Orochi Leona, inherited through her biological father. In her normal form, she uses some of this power actively in her SDMs/MAX Supers.
Aoi Kusanagi, member of the Kusanagi Clan. She never entered the state, but is implied to be susceptible to it.
Every member of the Yagami (formerly Yasakani) heritage.
Deceased (all the characters decipted in KOF Gaiden: The Origin of the Flame, due to the passage of time); alive (Iori Yagami).

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