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Ray McDougal (レイ・マクドガル) is the main protagonist of the Fighter's History series.


Ray is a wandering martial artist who always strives to be the best. Hearing that the mysterious "K" was a strong warrior, Ray leaves his home to participate in the Great Grappler tournament. By the time Dynamite takes place, he found a job as an active detective in Los Angeles. In both of his endings, he refuses to accept any of Karnov's riches and helps the giant to his feet. Ray explains that he only wanted to have a good fight and recognition as the stronger fighter.


He is an adventurous spirit who always has to be in action. He loves his on-the-go lifestyle.


  • Energy Projectile: Ray can fire a projectile of energy.
  • Energy Attacks: Ray can increase damage of normal attacks by adding ki energy to it.
  • Electric Charge: Ray can surround his body with electric energy and charge into his opponents.

Fighting Style

Ray is balanced and standard fighter who uses a rush attack, fireball, and anti-air kick. His moveset and fighting structure is similar to Terry Bogard.


  • Ray - Fighter's History Dynamite

Game Appearances


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