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Rasputin (ラスプーチン, Rasupūchin, Cyrilic:Распутин) is a character in the World Heroes series. He was first introduced in World Heroes.


The leader of a love cult based on Russia, Rasputin is also a sorceror with great knowledge in magic. He fights the other World Heroes, preaching about the love all mankind should have.


Rasputin loves everything and everyone. He preaches that mankind should banish the hatred in their lives. He enjoys taunting defeated enemies for their lack of discipline with a childish "Nyah-nyah!"

One of his victory poses is an effeminate curtsy.


  • Sorcery - As a sorceror, Rasputin has access to several types of elementally based magic.
    • Magical Limbs - Rasputin can create giant magical hands and feet where his normal hands and feet are located.
    • Fire Ball - Rasputin can release fire balls from his hands.
    • Stone Body - Rasputin can turn his own body to stone.
    • Translocate - Rasputin can translocate himself.
    • Thunder - Rasputin can summon a thunder from the sky.
    • Electric Projectile - By summoning a thunder to his hands and absorbing electricity, Rasputin can release an electric projectile.
    • Ice Ball - Rasputin can create and throw balls of ice capable of freezing opponents.

Fighting Style

Rasputin fights with his magical powers, especially his Magical Limbs power.

Cultural References

Based on Grigori Rasputin, Russian mystic that believed that to purge temptation, one had to be in contact with it (that includes sex). Grigori Rasputin was believed to be a healer, psychic, visionary and prophet. His most notorious claim to fame was how difficult he was to kill, having been shot, stabbed, emasculated and poisoned before finally perishing in the cold waters of Russia.


  • Love of a Heretical Gentlemen - World Heroes
  • Tricky, Time Slider - World Heroes
  • Russian Speculator - World Heroes 2
  • Oh! Vanity Moon - World Heroes 2

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World Heroes 2 Jet/Perfect


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