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Rai Bakuoh (爆皇ばくおう らい) is the main character in Waku Waku 7. His official nickname is "The Sneaky Blitz Boy" and he represents the red Waku Waku ball, making his power gemstone a ruby.


Rai is a delinquent school boy who ditches school for long rides on his bicycle. Donning his goggles, scarf, and jacket, he dreams of one day becoming a great hero. He is in the hunt for the Waku Waku balls for the thrill and his only wish is to continue to his journey.


An adventurous and reckless boy who wants to explore the world. The game suggests that he and Arina are a couple, much to the latter's denial.


  • Electrokinesis - With the help of his gloves, Rai can control electricity.
    • Static - Rai can create static around his body.
    • Electric Fist - Rai can charge his fists with electricity.
    • Thunderstorm - Rai can create a mini lightening storm around his body.
    • Electric Energy - Rai can project a small burst of electricty.
  • Hurricane - Rai can spin at amazing speeds and electrocute anyone he gets close to.

Fighting Style

Rai is a balanced fighter with no real strengths or weaknesses. He is easy to use and his fighting style is the counterpart to Arina's.


  • Rai Stage Intro - Waku Waku 7
  • Let's Fight! Super Adventure Boy Rai - Waku Waku 7

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