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Quiz Dai Sousa-sen (クイズ大捜査線) is a quiz adventure game series released by SNK. The first game, Quiz Daisōsa Sen: The Last Count Down, was first released on July 1, 1991. The second title, Quiz Meitantei Neo & Geo: Quiz Daisousasen Part 2 (クイズ迷探偵NG/大走査線パート2), was out in arcades on April 24, 1992. A cellphone application visually based on the first game was made with updated questions in 2006.


Players control either Neo McDonald or Geo Kentucky in their adventures through Quiz City, a place where answering questions gets results. The genre to these questions include movies, history, geography, songs, sports, and entertainment news. The sequel also adds games, automobiles, politics, adult titles, and trivia to the list. Story progression through the games is largely decided through cutscenes and choices given to players, making the experience very similar to a choose-your-own-adventure. Each game has two scenarios to explore. In the first game this is decided by the choices players make; the second title gives players the option at the start.

The art is generally realistic with several opponents resembling Hollywood movie stars.

Quiz City later becomes the setting of Quiz King of Fighters. Neo & Geo also appear in this title as a result.


Quizzes are normally done one question at a time with four selectable answers (with only one being the correct one). The goal for each quiz is to reach the needed amount of points set by the inquisitor. Points awarded for each question -as well as other alternations to the quiz itself- can be bought in the shop that appears before each event.

Aside from this standard format, other quiz events include:

  • Panel Quiz - a 4x4 panel (4 for genre and 4 for point amount) that players select at their whim. Since 8 points are needed to pass, its possible to clear the stage by correctly answering two questions worth four points.
  • Bingo Quiz - a 3x3 panel with each row representing a particular genre. They must get three answers correct either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to pass.
  • Slot Quiz - a slot machine quiz. Each reel represents an answer amount, question genre, and point amount rolled by the player. If they roll all sevens, they automatically clear the stage.
  • One Minute Quiz - a challenge where the player has to answer "Yes or No" questions as quickly as they can in a minute's time. Failure to reach the quota leads to a game over.
  • Up-down Quiz - a scenario that places Neo & Geo in a tower-like situation. To climb to the top, they need to get five answers correct. If they fail too many times, they'll drop (or fall) and result in a game over.
  • Comparison Quiz - two pictures are shown and the player needs to identify the differences.
  • Beat 'em up Quiz - featured as the final sequence in the first game. Players answer questions and determine how and when Neo&Geo move forward in a beat 'em up sequence. For example, if Neo is facing an enemy and gets the question correct, he'll knock out his adversary and proceed forward. When the scene is done with two players, the one with the quickest answer usually gets dibs on normal movement; the one with the correct answer against enemies determines who moves forward.
  • Do or Die Quiz - usually set as a pivotal quiz in the game. It follows the normal four selection format but limits players on how many wrong answers they can have. Losing at these stages results in an alternate route or the bad ending.

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