Queen Memory (メモリー女王, Memori Ojou) is a character in Twinkle Star Sprites games. She acts as the final boss in the first game. Her official nickname is "The Magical Queen".


Queen Memory is the current ruler of Fairy Kingdom. When her daughter ran away from home, she patiently waited for her to return at the castle. Mevious put her under mind-control by placing a strange crown on her head, thus forcing her to battle her own daughter. When Ran smashes the headpiece, she comes back to her senses and congratulates her on a job well done. In her personal ending, she wishes for a grand feast for herself (to her, it's a normal meal).


A benevolent and kind queen who has a voracious appetite. She always wants to eat something.


  • Flight - Memory has the natural ability to fly.
  • Energy Magic - Memory can fire rings of energy. She enhances her sword with this power in the sequel.
  • Memory Magic - Memory can fire several replicas of herself and clear the screen at once.
  • Delicacies - Under certain conditions, Memory can send homing images of various food to her opponent. She can also send a giant flying cake to disrupt her foes.


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