Purple Nakoruru (紫ナコルル, Murasaki Nakoruru), alternatively known as Rasetsu/Bust Nakoruru or EX Nakoruru, is an extra character added in Samurai Shodown VI. She is actually considered to be a different character from Nakoruru or Rera. This alternate version of Nakoruru is a call back to the second player color of her from the older games in the series. Her trademarks are her tanned skin, different colored hair and eyes, and a smirking visage.

She is voiced by Mikako Takahashi and Harumi Ikoma.


This version of Nakoruru is chasing her red tinted half. She wants to prove that her methods are better than Nakoruru's. In her ending, she and Charlotte beat a deprived Wan-fu, who claimed that they were fit to be his wives. She later conforms to match her temperament with her other half.

Although her presence in the game is more of an easter egg for fans, several ideas were previously added to this form to distinguish herself from her other half. In light novels and most fan doujinshi, she is often portrayed as Nakoruru's older twin sister.


A crueler and cockier version of Nakoruru. She is more violent about fulfilling her mission to protect nature. She also lusts for Charlotte.


  • Listening to Nature: Nakoruru can hear and sense nature's voice.
  • Energy Slash: Nakoruru's weapon can be fueled with ki energy.
  • Reflector: With the power of her cloak, Nakoruru can reflect a projectile back to its sender.

Fighting Style

She fights similar to Rera in later games. She fights with a kodachi and her wolf named Shikuru. To compensate for her short weapon range, players must rely on her speed to punish her opponents' mistakes. She can also recover from her moves a little quicker than other characters, making it easier for her to hit-and-run during fights. To balance her out with the rest of the cast, her attack strength is slightly weaker than most fighters. Her move set usually incorporates slightly longer ranged attacks that project her or her animal companions to her foes so her attack range isn't limited to her sword. She can also reflect projectiles with the move, Kamui Ryusei. In Samurai Shodown I, II and VI she is essentially a palette swap of Nakoruru, hence completely sharing her moveset and lacking Shikuru. This is also the case in the Capcom vs. SNK series, where she is essentially one of Nakoruru's palettes, no matter the groove.

Her moves are written in the Ainu language.

Voice Actors

  • Harumi Ikoma - Samurai Spirits 2: Asura-Zanmaden (OVA), Samurai Shodown VI (re-dub)

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