Pupa Salgueiro (プパ・サルゲイロ, Pupa Sarugeiro) is a character who appears in Rage of the Dragons.


Pupa once lived in Brazil with her father and brother until both children were sent to America for schooling. Her brother often got into fights and one day didn't come back home. Worried about him, Pupa goes to look for him in the tournament with Pepe. In her team's ending, they don't find him, but they keep their hopes up for his safety.


Tomboyish and cheerful, Pupa is a girl who hides her worry for her brother with a smile. She isn't too fond of Pepe's womanizing.

Fighting StyleEdit

Her fighting style is her stylized version of Capoeira. She also uses a wrench to hit her opponents.


  • Cheer Up! - Rage of the Dragons

Game AppearancesEdit


Pupa stance

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