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Power Instinct Matrimelee (新豪血寺一族 闘婚 -Matrimelee-, Shin Gōketsuji Ichizoku: Tōkon Matrimelee) is the fifth title of the Power Instinct series. It is the first game to be developed by Noise Factory, who obtained the rights to carry on the franchise from its previous label Atlus, and released by Playmore. The title premiered in arcades on March 21, 2003 and was ported to the Neo Geo on May 23, 2003.

This particular title of the series is best known for bringing back the series's quirky humor as well as characters lost in the previous sequel, Groove On Fight. Characters from Rage of the Dragons were also added as bonus characters. The game's soundtrack features many vocalized themes and the lyrics often parody popular lines used for a select music genres.


A year after the events of Power Instinct 2, the king of Certain Country wants to find a worthy successor for the throne. He wants the ideal husband for his little daughter (or a beautiful and strong woman for his older son) so he holds a fighting tournament where the prize is the hand of the princess and the throne succession.


The game uses a four button layout, two buttons for punches and two for kicks. Every character has their own stage, attacks and special moves. The special moves are performed via combinations of joystick movements and buttons. Transformations from the older titles did not make a comeback but some of the forms appear as their own character.

The Stress meter—the game's super meter—can now be filled up to three levels. Every character has a Stress Shot (1 bar), an Ippatsu Ougi (2 bars) and a powerful, hidden super attack called a Kinjite (3 bars). However, only a few of the Kinjite moves are known; information on the rest has not been released by Atlus or Noise Factory.

Players can also use the judge, Kuroko, as a shield or one-shot projectile.

Original Characters

Rage of the Dragons' Characters


PlayStation 2 Sequel

The game's sequel, Shin Gōketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnō Kaihō (新・豪血寺一族 煩悩解放), was released for Japan only. Because the game takes place directly after Matrimelee, it is often seen as an "update" for the title. The game adds two older characters (Angela Belti and Kintaro Kokuin), a new boss, and uses the same backgrounds as Matrimelee. The Rage of the Dragons characters were also omitted from the cast. The game's new boss is real-life martial artist and comedian Bobby Ologun. His character is eventually renamed, "Bobby Strong", and is voiced by Ologun himself. It also features an online battle system and a card collecting feature.


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