Patrick van Heyting (パトリック・ファン・ヒディング, Patorikku fan Hidingu) is a character in Buriki One. He hails from the Netherlands, and represents Professional Wrestling. Several pro wrestlers were used for inspiration for his character, one of them being Bill Goldberg. He is voiced by Franky Nakamura.


A professional wrestler with 15 years of experience, van Heyting was noted for his mic skills. He enters the Buriki One tournament to prove his strength is unmatched.


Patrick likes to mess with his opponent, especially in the mic. He talks whatever he wants and that's what fans love about him.

Fighting Style

He uses pro wrestling moves, such as the Brainbuster.


  • Wild Eyed - Buriki One

Game Appearances


SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter DS


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