Nona (ノナ) is an illustrator hired by SNK in 1995; he drew mostly for various in-game art and portraits, doing clean-up for other people's artwork from other titles. He is better known by fans for his work in The King of Fighters series. He appears regularly at the KOF Year-End Party and SNK's press events.

His art uses a heavy reliance on light and shadow, making his art look more sculpted and darker in tone than his colleagues. He tends to draw his assigned characters with fashion model-like physiques and anime-inspired faces. A special request from the staff was to make his art "more like KOF '94" in KOF 2002, something he personally struggled with since it meant simplifying his style. He was also asked to do the character art for KOF 2003 but was too busy in his personal life at the time to participate, asking Falcoon to take his place.

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