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Neo-Geo World was another amusement park created by SNK. Unlike its predecessor, Neo Geo Land, this version of the park attempted to appeal to everyone of all ages with several in-door and outdoor attractions. The two parks were Neo-Geo Tsukuba and Neo-Geo Tokyo Bay Side. The Tokyo division was opened on March 19, 1999. It had a special farewell discount for passports before it shut down on March 31, 2001.

These parks were open as late as midnight.


Each park was three or four stories high. While crane games and photo print booths were still present, this park focused less on SNK's games and more on attractions made by third party developers. For a small fee, people can experience events with "suspense, thrills, horror, and mystery".

Aside from the rides, Neo Geo World also had floors dedicated to karaoke and bowling. A DJ and a cafe was added at the bowling alley to supply bowlers with refreshments. The Tsukaba division also included a rental DVD and video store on its first floor and sponsored a Mark of Wolves roulette tournament. The parks also held a high-class restaurant called Blue Heaven at Tokyo, while restaurants Reberta and the Patio were at Tsukuba. Diners could enjoy the view during their meal or play a friendly game of billiards next door while they waited. The last floor in Tsukaba was dedicated to karaoke and other live performances.


Tokyo Bay Side

  • New York Getaway - coaster ride where the riders are in the midst of a chase scene in New York's streets.
  • Terrarium - a live horror theater that depicts living things caught in a "mold" before their deaths. Used animatronics, smoke, moving pictures, and other live theatrical effects to capture the mood.
  • Agent Metal - a ride where the rider can shoot their adversaries with a built in radar-machine gun.
  • Peep Gem! - magical 3D theater attraction where the audience's presence panics a comical universe.
  • No Fate - a twenty~thirty minute mystery adventure story hosted by Fuji TV's, Mezamashi TV. Told an interactive story about ransom, kidnapping, and murder. Attendees could also get a present from the company's website. Made in cooperation with Fuji Television.
  • Bakuten - a thrill ride that allowed two riders to experience the feeling of gymnastic flips and somersaults. The ride can launch 10 meters into the air. Sponsored by Coca Cola Botorise.
  • Mind Planet - cock-tail fortune telling. A psychological test that treats night people to a fantastic bar.
  • It's a Cool Jockey? - five-man derby cart attraction. Max speed of 7 km per hour. Attendees also received a present after their ride. Sponsored by Asahi Breweries.
  • Tatari - a seven minute 3D horror attraction. The audience have "won" a free night at a luxurious house, which was built on the ruins of a broken psychopathic ward. Based on the film, House on Haunted Hill. Tatari is the movie's Japanese title. Made in cooperation with GAG Communications.
  • Ruins - an adventure game where players needed to clear various traps while they travel through an ancient ruins.
  • Another Heaven ~ Live - a ten minute 3D horror attraction based on the Japanese TV series and horror film of the same name. The guests of a hotel are led into a room by police officers. The officers suspect that the killer of a gruesome crime scene is one of the guests. All hell breaks loose when the lights go out and the murderer throws off his disguise.
  • Scissors Magic - an interactive six minute "hair salon" where the attendee can briefly re-imagine their hairstyle. Attendees could also get a present from the company's website.
  • Max Flight - virtual roller coaster.
  • Invisible - an eight minute 3D horror attraction. The audience is faced with an invisible, intelligent yet deranged killer. Based on the film, Hollow Man. Invisible is the movie's Japanese title. Made in cooperation with Sony Pictures Entertainment.
  • IMAX Ridefilm - a ride that simulates the movement on the ride's dome-like monitor for 18 people. The booth moves in all directions in a 180 degree radius during the ride.


The attraction part of this park was dubbed "Tsutaya".

  • BOF Stage - robotic versions of Kyo, Iori, Athena, Nakoruru, and Terry on stage playing songs.
  • Drift King - safely emulates a drift race. Riders can speed up their car with a turbo button and control their padded cars with a steering wheel.
  • IMAX Ridefilm - a ride that simulates the movement on the ride's dome-like monitor for 18 people. The booth moves in all directions in a 180 degree radius during the ride. This park featured a bungee jumping scenario and a fire firefighting experience.
  • The Walk - a house of horrors that tested the attendees courage.
  • Ghost Hunter - an attraction where players can use a laser-guided play gun to shoot real ghosts.
  • Telling Witches House - fortune-telling machine that is activated once a person touches the glowing orb on the control panel. Liliza the witch will tell foretell your future.
  • Crazy Travel - seated attraction virtual reality sequence. Whilst wearing headphones, attendees experience the wily tour of a crazy travel company.
  • Q-Zar - two-team laser tag.
  • Virtual 3D Theater - seated theater. The screened footage was changed regularly.

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Neo Geo World is also a moniker for one of SNK-Playmore's cellphone services. It's also the current title of their games page.

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