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The Neo Geo Deck (Full name: Neo Geo Deck Room Amusement System) is a variant of the Neo Geo video game system, first introduced in 1994.


The Neo Geo Deck was developed for use as a pay-per-play system in hotel rooms, college dorms, waiting rooms and even community centers. It can be hooked up to a television set. It features a microwave oven-like frame designed to withstand the weight of having a TV set placed on top of it. It can play MVS cartridges, since the hardware specifications are based on the MVS, but it can only run one cartridge at a time. Plus, it does not have a memory card reader, so it cannot support memory cards.

The earlier production model featured a chassis made of wood. This changed in the later version, which featured a metal chassis, making it heavier than the original at around 32kg. The system also features two Neo Geo Controller Pro joysticks (Special Controller Pro 400 edition) hooked up to it for head-to-head gameplay on certain games. The motherboard used in the Neo Geo Deck is proprietary to the system, and unlike the MVS motherboards, it does not feature a JAMMA connector. The system even uses a different BIOS than the MVS. 

Compared to the AES, the Neo Geo Deck was much more expensive, as it had retailed for ¥198,000 JPY. Also sold separately for the system as a "special monitor" is essentially a Sony TV set rebranded with the SNK logo.


The Neo Geo Deck is the rarest known variation of the Neo Geo hardware. In 2017, a Neo Geo Deck was listed on eBay Australia with the seller asking almost $60,000 USD for it. The listing has since ended.

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