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Neo-Geo DJ Station Special Radio Drama Hen (ネオジオDJステーション SPECIAL ~ラジオドラマ編~) is a drama CD released on June 4, 1997 with a Pony Canyon and Scitron and Art label. It is the second installment in the Neo Geo DJ Station series. The CD is a compilation of the fan requested skits that ran on the Japanese radio show, Game Dra Night.

The characters are invited to participate once more in these wacky radio dramas. They agree, albeit against their will, and try their best to live up to their fans' expectations. They keep at it until they realize that their employers didn't intend to end their torture and subsequently beat them up for compensation.

Radio announcements, outtakes, and actor comments are included at the end of the CD.


The Mysterious Project Conference

Called together once again, these "actors" gather to participate in another project. They are repulsed to hear that it's another Neo Geo DJ Station project, although their employers assure that the program will be much better for everyone this time around. In her excitement, Yuri picks out a light-hearted imitation contest prompt from the pile of skits.

It begins with Duck as the MC and Geese acting as the judge. The first up is Mai who does a poorly-received Nakoruru impression. She gets upset with Nakoruru who performs a perfect Charlotte act. Hearing Geese announcing the winner, she scolds her competition for "cheating" and forbids Nakoruru from performing the French woman. Nakoruru responds with a flawless King which is once again named the winner. Mai, who momentarily breaks character by scolding Nakoruru's voice actor, tells her to do someone else. She starts a brawl when Nakoruru suggests Blue Mary and gets retaliation from the crowd and the judge.

Nakoruru's Cheer for Mother Nature

A radio program hosted by Nakoruru to showcase the beauties of Nature in Kamui Kotan. She is joined by her grumpy co-hosts, Mai and Iori. Dreading another awful experience with the priestess and shivering in the cold weather, her associates are pretty unwilling to participate until she tells them that they'll only observe the adorable animal life. She points out a winter fox, a snow rabbit, cranes, and the giant bear behind Mai. Iori instinctively knocks it down with his 108 Yami Barai (his ground fireball) which Nakoruru scolds him for. Before she can finish, a loud crack snaps the ice beneath them. With the ice barely stable and the bear back to its senses, the trio take her advice and play dead. The bear checks to see if they're really dead (it licks Mai and claws at Iori's back) until Iori loses his patience and knocks it off its feet. The impact shatters the ice and all of them fall into the icy waters below.

In the infirmary, both Mai and Iori are suffering from nasty colds. Their employers are amazed they made it out of the ice alive and compliment on how healthy Nakoruru still is. She enters the room, worried about her volunteers' feelings and reactions. Iori is ready to cuss her out but Mai stops him once she sees the priestess' teary eyes. The ninja replies that they're fine which earns her a snappy hiss from Iori. Happy to see that nothing is amiss, Nakoruru offers some food to get her companions back to health, which turns out to be the same type of dish served in the last show. The SNK supervisors are so impressed with it that they call for another showing of Nakoruru's cooking show, ignoring the sick duo's complaints.

Mai-chan's Twilight File

Mai's late night radio show that discusses urban legends and myths. Her guest is "Lonely Ruful" but his cover is quickly blown when Mai calls him by his real name. His tale begins before the "filming" of the previous King of Fighters drama CD. He was walking to the shoot, pouting at how he will get no spot light, when an energetic fairy appears before him. She introduces herself as the Ice Fairy, Rimururu. Choi explains that she appeared because he returned the ice in his juice to the refrigerator the night before. In gratitude, the ice materialized as the girl before him and is willing to grant him three wishes.

At the shoot, Choi rushes Kyo and is easily beaten by the hero. The shot was good and the director congratulates Kyo on a job well done. Kyo accepts the compliments but is disappointed that his opponent was a "lowlife" like Choi. Still on the ground and conscious, Choi overhears this and gets upset. While Kyo and Iori are acting out their climatic battle, he asks Rimururu to mess up their scene in vengeance. She cheerfully complies and turns the rivals' flames into cheap and goofy props for a rock-paper-scissors game. This turns them against one another and delights Choi to no end.

His next wish is for him to star in a love simulation game with all of SNK's girls. Concerned with his fevered behavior, Rimururu agrees and he is magically teleported to a high school. Right off the bat, a shy Athena tries to confess her love to him in typical dating sim fashion. Choi is excited at the prospect of more pretty looking girls coming to declare their love for him; he dubs the concept "The King of Harlem '97". He dreamily comments that this world is perfect since it has no fighting, no tournaments, and no Kim. As he uttered this, "Kim-sensei" busts into the classroom and demands that Choi come with him for more training. Before he is dragged off, he begs the ice fairy to grant his last wish: to send Kim somewhere away from him. She does by attaching the Taekwondo master to a rocket that flies off and he has been missing ever since.

Mai asks what happened to the Ice Fairy and Choi says that she disappeared. Ever since then, Choi has been able to live a leisurely life of peace. He thanks the Ice Fairy and wonders if he will ever meet her again. A puff of smoke erupts in the studio and Kim walks to them. When asked what happened to him, Kim replies that he flew for a number of days until he was saved by the Ice Fairy. He then beats a panicked Choi and Mai nervously ends the show.

The Kusanagi Family

A continuation of the pilot episode introduced in the previous CD, this episode takes place at Nakoruru's school. Character roles are announced at the beginning of the show:

  • Nakoruru - eldest daughter of the Kusanagi family who acts like a punk. Walks around with her posse, Rimururu and Athena.
  • Kyo Kusanagi - Nakoruru's crybaby younger brother
  • Genjuro Kibagami - Nakoruru's overly-caring class representative; a childhood friend of Nakoruru
  • Kim Kaphwan - P.E teacher; teaches a strict Taekwondo regime
  • Benimaru Nikaido - teacher from Kyoto who was a woman
  • Ukyo Tachibana - school's principle
  • Iori Yagami - Ioriko
  • Mai Shiranui - narrator

It is a normal day for the Kusanagi family with Nakoruru riding her "motorcycle", Mamahaha, to school. Her brother, Kyo, warns her that she'll be suspended by the teachers yet she is undeterred and smacks her brother on the head. While he whines, her class representative chides her to remember what happened to Mamahaha II. She gives him the cold shoulder; in response, he continually replies his genuine care for her and asks her to come back to class. She blushes before saying that she doesn't care about childhood friends anymore and she pedals off. Genjuro desperately calls out her name.

At the school, Benimaru is trying to confront the principle about Nakoruru's reign of terror. Ukyo asks him to wait until he has finished his "medicine" and suffers a very violent coughing fit. He readily listens to Benimaru's problem and seems unwilling to administer punishment since he is friends with Nakoruru's grandfather. Kim dynamically enters and declares that he overheard Benimaru's voice from the hall. Benimaru argues with Kim's rudeness and his "solution" to the problem, which is nothing more than non-stop Taekwondo training. While he rants, Benimaru slips into Choi and Kim pummels his student as usual.

Back on the school yard, Nakoruru and her posse bully a defenseless Ioriko. "She" asks what "she" has ever done to them and their only excuse is that "her" beauty infuriates them. Their insults causes Ioriko to cry. Surprisingly, Kyo stops the scuffle and pleads that they leave "Ioriko-senpai" alone. He says that his senpai is his most precious person to the dread of his sister and others. Since Ioriko helped her brother in school, Nakoruru calls off her posse and retreats. Ioriko thanks Kyo for saving him and they share an intimate moment of reconciliation.

The sketch ends when the rivals express their disgust with the flimsy script to the staff and call it quits. Mai asks the audience to tune into the next episode though Kyo and Iori yell that there will never be a next.

Samurai Go West

A skit that is a spin on the Chinese novel, Journey to the West. Character roles are announced at the beginning of the show:

  • Genjuro Kibagami - a monk who is pretty full of himself. Has two kappa minions, Basara and Genan.
  • Nakoruru - a monkey
  • Kyoshiro Senryo - village chief
  • Shiro Tokisada Amakusa - a resident in Kyoshiro's village

Nakoruru cheerfully requests any monsters to show themselves until Genjuro tells her shut up. He sees that he's run out of rations and is mocked by his kappa minions. The monk hits the monkey and his minions for defying him. Nakoruru reasons that they should be nicer to one another since they are on quest to enjoy nature. Genjuro and Basara correct her, saying that they're just doing whatever they want. The monk orders the monkey to fetch him some more liquor and she chides his rather heretic behavior. Angered to see her still there, Genjuro begins to gather energy for an incantation which instinctively tickles the monkey's acute senses. Using this as intimidation, she finally agrees and speeds off to the closest village.

She meets with the village's chief and lies about a possible monster attack. She says that sacrificing a plentiful amount of liquor will scare them off. Kyoshiro laughs at her warning and tells her to beat it before he slays her. She pleads with him to believe her or her master will kill her. Then, Amakusa runs to the hut, crying that the village is under attack by monsters. Kyoshiro, finding some truth in the monkey's words, demands the villager to describe them. To Nakoruru's shock, the "monsters" are a monk and two kappa who are pillaging the settlement and calling out for the monkey. Seeing Nakoruru recognizing them, Kyoshiro and Amakusa are convinced that she is one of the monsters and slay her on the spot.

After the monkey's scream, the SNK employees mourn the loss of Nakoruru. She asks if she can go home for the day since she is starting to dislike the roles she is assigned. They somehow persuade her to stay for the rest of the day.

Geese Cup Battle!

A comedy competition hosted by Terry and Blue Mary. The goal of this competition is to make Geese bowl over with laughter. The first group is Yuri and Mai but they don't go far past their introductions since they can't agree on their group's name. Geese stops their fight by knocking them off stage and awaits the next duo, Ukyo and Iori; their sketch is titled "Hey, say something". Iori says the title of their skit to Ukyo who responds that he doesn't want to talk. Rather than play along with the rest of the script, Iori starts a fight with the quiet swordsman. Geese loses patience with their antics and Raging Storm's them off the stage. He is about ready to leave in disappointment until Terry and Mary begs him to stay. They hope that the next group is fantastic to appease the kingpin's sense of humor. Nakoruru and Rimururu take the stage as "The Rurus" and perform a rather dated Osaka comedy act. They make a double pun with the word "tako", which can mean "blockhead" or "octopus". Terry and Mary are lost on the gag but Geese finds it to be hysterical and names the girls as the winners.

Welcome to the Bar Illusion

Hosting an informative TV program, Athena interviews King at her bar. The hostess explains that her place is a quiet and enjoyable environment for people to take the load off and relax. The tranquility of her place is interrupted when Kyo, Yuri, Mai, Benimaru, and Iori clamber in for a few drinks. Yuri proclaims that they play the party game, "Who's the King?". To summarize the rules, each player draws a stick, most of them being numbered (in this case, 1~4) with one "king" straw. The person with the king stick declares they are the king and orders the other numbers to perform a command of their liking. Since no one knows who is which number, the results are random and can be pretty hilarious.

On the first draw, Yuri is donned the king. She orders number 4 to perform her "Yoyuchi!" winpose. Iori is outraged at the request and inadvertently reveals his number. Due to peer pressure and insults to his dignity, he does the command. In repentance, he draws the first stick in the following round and gets the king. He breaks the rules by trying to make Kyo follow his order and gets his kingship revoked by Mai and Yuri.

So, in the new round, Benimaru becomes the king with Yuri telling him not to do anything perverted. He starts his order for number 2 which gets a noticeable reaction from Mai. Suspecting her to be the number, he states that the said number should drink from his cocktail. To his surprise, Mai is really number 1 and Iori is number 2 (her reaction earlier was just a bluff). While he performs the command, King yells at them to stop since Iori has zero tolerance for hard liquor. After he finishes Benimaru's drink, he drunkenly mistakes Athena as Kyo and enters a rather murderous mood. He then proceeds to burn the entire place down, cackling with mad delight through King's protests.


Track Japanese Title Translation
1 謎の企画会議 The Mysterious Project Conference
2 ナコルルの大自然ばんざい! Nakoruru's Banzai for Mother Nature
3 舞ちゃんのトワイライト・ファイル Mai-chan's Twilight File
4 草薙家の一族 The Kusanagi Family
5 サムライ・GO・WEST Samurai Go West
6 ギース杯争奪!お笑い大合戦! Geese Cup Battle! Comedy Competition!
7 新装開店記念! バー・イリュージョンへようこそ・スペシャル版 Grand Re-opening! Welcome to the Bar Illusion - Special Broadcast
8 おまけ ラジオ予告&ガイダンス Extra: Radio Previews & Guidance



  • It's possible that the Midnight Bliss'd version of Iori in SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos could be a visual representation of Ioriko since she is dressed in a school uniform.
  • The gag skit with Iori and Ukyo is further explored by a fan in BoHyou's Bikkei Conference.
  • Nakoruru and Rimururu's old fashioned comedy sketch is repeated in another drama CD.