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Neo Geo DJ Station (ネオジオDJステーション) is a drama CD released on January 18, 1997 with a Pony Canyon label. The entire CD plays like a radio program with Athena acting as the show's main MC. She appears in between shows and commercials as a normal radio host while the other characters act out skits. Athena's personal corner of the show has her announcing a fan letter from "Athena's lover", who she immediately scolds for writing to the show. Nakoruru appears at one point to tell the weather but her forecast is interrupted when Mamahaha tells her that Rimururu failed her lessons again.

Outtakes and actor comments are included at the end of the CD.


Bar Illusion

King doing business as usual with her overactive part-time worker Yuri. While entertaining her guests with her cocktail skills, Yuri indulges herself and gets drunk from King's "masterpieces". Later in the night, with a heavy rain drizzling over, Terry walks in for a quick drink. Yuri calls him "brother" and tells him to treasure her more, which makes the other two fighters remember their own brothers. The trio makes a friendly toast to their brothers' happiness.

Mai-chan's Telephone Consultation

A radio program hosted by "everyone's lovely idol" Mai with Iori and Jubei Yamada as co-hosts. She'll listen to any worry and try her best to give her advice. After bribing her bored helpers to stay, they get their first caller. He tries to stay anonymous using the pseudonym, Lonely Ru, but Mai quickly addresses him as Choi Bounge due to habit. He hangs up once his cover is blown but she redials the number and demands to hear his problem. He mistakenly asks for a way to escape from Kim Kaphwan and Jubei jumps at the chance to fulfill the request. On another line, he calls up the Taekwondo mentor to inform him of Choi's problem. Jubei is pleased to hear that Kim listened to the broadcast and is overjoyed to hear that he's behind his student. Choi's call is cut off while he gets beaten by Kim. Their next caller is Kyo with girlfriend troubles but he is quickly booted off by Iori. The cycle repeats three more times -with Kyo sounding more upset each time- until he charges into the studio. After Kyo calls Iori "soba yan", the rivals fight and explode the booth.

Yagami An

A commercial for Iori's soba restaurant announced by Iori and Mai. Want a delicious bowl of healthy noodles? Then come over to Yagami An for a good time! Eat, choke, and die on your entree of choice! Iori will happily serve his customers their doom with a good helping of soup. Be sure to come for your free (cute?) Orochi present on special sales days. Safe for girls and children.

Kusanagi Family

The pilot episode of a family drama. Character roles are announced at the beginning of the show:

  • Yuri Sakazaki - grumpy father with traditional values
  • Choi Bounge - kind and overly-caring mother
  • Nakoruru - eldest daughter; acts like a yanki
  • Kyo Kusanagi - youngest son; a crybaby
  • Iori Yagami - warm grandfather who's losing his memory
  • Mai Shiranui - family cat
  • Terry Bogard - grandfather's elderly friend
  • Jubei Yamada - elderly granny at a shop
  • Mamahaha - Nakoruru's beloved "bike"
  • King and Charlotte - rival gang to Nakoruru

The drama begins with Nakoruru fine-tuning her bicycle, Mamahaha (she mimics motorcycle sounds to make it more impressive). She is spotted by her brother, Kyo, who whines that he'll tell their father about all the bad things she has done. She clonks him on the head and he begins to cry. Their mother steps in to comfort him and Kyo wails in his mother's embrace (he also momentarily breaks character and mumbles his disgust under his breath). Choi tells her daughter that their father is calling for her and Nakoruru pouts that she is only going to get yelled at again. Her father scolds her when she enters, disappointed with her poor attendance and punk lifestyle. When Nakoruru gives her old man backtalk, "he" loses his temper and sends her flying with a Haou Shoukou Ken. The blow sends Nakoruru crying from their home, screaming that she hates her family and she'll live at Amakusa's for now on. Yuri, too upset to care, tells the mother to leave her be.

Enter the slow talking grandpa, who asks Choi when his breakfast will be ready. "She" replies that he already ate it but Iori eyes the table. He picks up something, thinking it's food, until Choi tells him that it's their family cat. Taking his beloved Mai in his arms, he heads to his Japanese chess match with one of his friends. The scene shifts to a restaurant where Iori tells his friend the situation with his granddaughter and he replies that it must be a phase. They play their board game when Jubei comes in to watch. "She" compliments their skills and Terry makes a friendly comment about Jubei's dress (Iori starts to join in and breaks character by grunting that he'd never agree to this line. Terry tells him to bear with it because he'll beat up the staff when this is over. Iori remarks that he'll go with him). Jubei warms up to Terry, saying that "she" loves strong men and would love to kiss him if he wins. At this time, Terry gets a winning move and Iori congratulates him on his victory. While Terry is repulsed by Jubei's advances, Iori laughs at his friend's "fortune".

By the docks, Nakoruru broods on her rotten luck. Around this time, she's confronted by the bossy Charlotte and King. Both of them sneer as they approach her. The scene is cut off by the narration asking them to tune into next week's episode. All of the actors yell that they'd never want to come back -except for Jubei.

A fake commercial for the family's 3D RPG game plays afterwards. Available nowhere in the future for an unbelievably cheap price. Comes with an extra Nakoruru figurine.

Nakoruru's Cooking

Nakoruru's cooking program with helper Mai and taste taster Iori. Today, she will make a scrumptious pot of nabe. First, start with the basic broth and adds lots of local vegetables from her village. Then, add kabocha, Chinese cabbage, hot peppers, daikon, mizuna, carrots, fermented soybeans, apples, milk, powdered tea, honey, and lots of other clashing ingredients for a lovely pot of nabe. Nakoruru adds that since it's from nature, it's bound to taste delicious. After the pot's done -with Iori and Mai hesitating to even get close to it- Kyo walks in hungry. Iori "graciously" offers his half of the pot. Kyo takes a bite and praises the surprisingly delicious food. Nakoruru serves Mai and Iori their own share. They take a bite but suffer from the broth's spiciness and sour taste.

Kyo's Poem

As the title suggests, the goal of the program is to educate its listeners with the beauty of poetry. The first poem is from one of Mr. Big's long-haired friends, fearing for his life while he's hunted by his henchmen. Kyo comments that it must be a poem of true friendship. Next up is a poem from Mamahaha, which is read as chirps from Kyo, saying that it has a hard time keeping up with Nakoruru's demands all the time. As a side note, the poem is a copycat of "Go~ Poppy!". He rips up the next two poems (one of Yuri lamenting her how guys always adore her and the other being Geese complaining that he has no friends) and tries to read Charlotte's French poem. Giving up on the first line, he rips it up and has a really painful paper cut.

KOF 2070

A fictional commercial of KOF characters still doing what they do in their gray and old nineties. Watch as Kyo and Iori finally fight their last(?) battle! Witness the Women Team struggling to get up from their seats to make it in time for KOF! After this tournament, who will be the last one standing?


Track Japanese Title Translation
1 We are The B.O.F. !
2 パーソナリティ:麻宮アテナ ~Personality - Athena Asamiya
3 ためらいを焼き尽くせ! Burning Devotion!
4 CM「バー・イリュージョン」  CM Bar Illusion
5 番組1「バー・イリュージョンへようこそ」 Program 1: Welcome to the Bar Illusion
6 「ナコルルの天気予報」 Nakoruru's Weather Forecast
7 声を聞かせて…… Listen to the voice...
8 番組2「舞ちゃんの電話相談室」 Program 2: Mai-chan's Telephone Consultation Room
9 CM そば処「八神庵(やがみあん)」 CM Soba Show: Yagami An
10 「アテナのおたよりコーナー!」 Athena's Side Corner
11 月の狂炎 Moon's Flame
12 番組3「連続ドラマ・草薙家の一族」 Program 3: The Kusanagi Family
13 CM RPG「草薙家の一族 CM RPG The Kusanagi Family
14 パーソナリティ:麻宮アテナ  ~Personality - Athena Asamiya
15 恋を待ちきれない Can't wait for love
16 番組4「ナコルルのお料理ばんざい!」  Program 4: - Nakoruru Cooking Banzai!
17 番組5「京のポエム(今日のポエム)」 Program 5: Kyo's poem (Today's poem)
18 CM「K.O.F.2070」
19 パーソナリティ:麻宮アテナ ~Personality - Athena Asamiya
20 B.O.F. Alive
21 『Message from B.O.F.』
22 The Bass Is A Fact


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