NEO・GEO DJ Station (ネオジオDJステーション) is a series of radio dramas that were eventually complied onto different drama CDs. The stories themselves are generally light-hearted and rarely tie themselves to any particular series or plot continuity. In fact, the characters frequently break the fourth wall by recognizing themselves as a part of the Neo Geo staff. This means characters from Samurai Shodown, Last Blade, or deceased characters can interact normally with modern day characters from other games. They also know each other by name and will usually be on good terms with one another.

Character relationships and occupations are changed to better fit the universe but generally their personalities remain the same. Other times, characters can act completely different for the sake of the story. For instance, in one drama, K' scouts ladies for Yamazaki's talent agency. He does this by flirting with pretty looking women as a gigolo. Image songs were also put on air though this program. Although it was originally meant to be a drama program for The Band of Fighters, it did make a crossover with Neo Chupi and the Japanese radio show, Game Dra Night.

Drama CDs

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