Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (ネオジオバトルコロシアム, abbreviated NGBC or NBC) is a 2 on 2 tag team fighting game for the Atomiswave arcade board. A four-volume manhua for this game was also released.


The official story, as given by SNK, is as follows:

"In February, 2017 of the new Japanese era there is a man trying to rule the NEOGEO World. "I will topple NeoGeo's most powerful warriors and put myself on the throne!" We knew that if he managed to obtain NeoGeo world's awesome power, world domination would not be far from his reach. This man, who sat at the heart of "The Warez Conglomerate" with overwhelming financial power behind him, had already set out on his ambitious path to gain NeoGeo World's power. Those who knew the truth of his intentions were already trembling with fear... As NeoGeo World drew closer to the verge of disaster, a Warez sponsored fighting competition was announced. This event is called "NEOGEO BATTLE COLISEUM". The Federal Government is worried about the situation, and has secretly dispatched its two best secret agents, Yuki and Ai. A world on the verge of eternal darkness… The future of NEOGEO World is now in the hands of the warriors."


The game system of the arcade NGBC, as previously mentioned, is a 2 vs 2 tag battle, regardless to how many players are playing. While the 2-player game system is similar to most tag-team systems of other games, the single player system is unusual.

The game's single play is more like a survival battle, where the player must beat enemies after enemies as long as possible. However, the game gives the player 300 seconds, and when time-out occurs, instead of win or lose, the player will face the boss (depending on how well they perform). Only at this point of time is when time out will determine the victor.

During a single-play, the rule is to defeat ANY member of the team, not both team members. That is, unlike most tag-team systems, but similar to Kizuna Encounter or Tekken Tag Tournament, where all opposition must be beaten in order to win, in NGBC, the player only needs to beat up one member of the team to win, without the need to fight the other member if the former is defeated.

The survival battles are divided into rounds of 3 battles, and after a player manages to clear 3 opponent teams, they are given a chance to use one of the three game services provided:

  • The first is to gain more time. Extra time helps the player to beat more teams, which is so because the game records the number of teams defeated in the hi-score table.
  • The second is to gain full power gauge. This is simply to blow the opposition away as soon as the next battle starts.
  • The third is adding more life. Self-explanatory, especially due to the winning condition mentioned earlier.
  • The fourth is to not use any of the three game services provided above.

In terms of control layout, every character uses a control scheme that is akin to The King of Fighters in terms of button layout, cancels and movement options, only with a few functions scrapped.


The game features characters from the following titles:

Playable Characters

Original Characters

Characters from SNK Playmore series

From The King of Fighters:

From Fatal Fury / Garou: Mark of the Wolves:

From Art of Fighting / Buriki One:

From Samurai Shodown:

From World Heroes:

From Metal Slug:

From The Last Blade:

From Athena:

From King of the Monsters:

From Aggressors of Dark Kombat:

From Savage Reign:

  • King Lion/Shishioh (hidden character because King Leo is his palette swap and is a unique NPC boss, hence the different name)


  • Mizuchi: A clone of Orochi created by WAREZ.
  • Neo Dio: An alien form, boss from World Heroes.
  • King Leo/Shin Shishioh: The boss version of King Lion from Savage Reign and Kizuna Encounter. A CPU-only character, he is a palette swap of King Lion featuring one additional move, and is unique for being the only NPC boss to have a name change.
  • Goodman: The real final boss of the game. He uses a flaming whip both as a weapon, and to command a fire-like gorilla spirit (called Saru Ou, or Gorilla King) in a manner similar to an animal tamer. Interestingly enough, he was designed after Igniz, the end boss of The King of Fighters 2001.





  • Most of its assets and gameplay, particularly for Hotaru, Tung Fu Rue, Geese Howard, Robert Garcia and Mr. Big were reused for their appearances in console versions of The King of Fighters XI.

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