Neo Dio is a character in the World Heroes series. His name means "New God", and is spelled in a similar way as Neo Geo.

His visual design is based on the protagonist of the manga Baoh, while his lines in his first appearance (in World Heroes Perfect) were references to the villain Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, they are more like Santana's). Both works were created by the mangaka Hirohiko Araki.


A better developed version of Dio that returns to exact revenge.


Neo Dio is a highly destructive maniac that hates peace. He believes himself to be invincible.


  • Artificial Physiology - His body is made of a liquid material that he can reshape at will. He can solidify his body and transform it into blades.
    • Dragon Form - Using this power, he can transform the upper part of his body into a dragon. His head and arms turns reptilian and he grows wings on his back.
  • Elemental Energy Use - Neo Dio can burn or freeze the opponent as well as channel electricity through his "hair" or fire balls of electricity.
  • Energy Projectile - He can release an energy projectile from his body.

Fighting StyleEdit

His fighting style stems primarily from his physiology. He attacks with blades and high-speed moves.


  • The Devil of Incarnation ~ Neo Dio - Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

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Neo Dio-card

Neo Dio's card in Card Fighters Clash DS.

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