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Neo Dio (rendered as NEOネオ DIOディオ) is reoccurring antagonist and boss character in the World Heroes series.


Because of the failure of his previous creation, Geegus, Damned created a new, stronger, better artificial soldier: Dio. But Dio developed his own consciousness and now roams different eras, killing many people.

After his defeat in the second game he uses Damned's technology to improve himself, returning later to exact revenge for his defeat. He kills Zeus during his confrontation with the World Heroes and challenges them to a fight, once again ends defeated.


Neo Dio is a highly destructive maniac that hates peace. He believes himself to be the ultimate lifeform and thus invincible.


  • Artificial Physiology - His body is made of a liquid material that he can reshape at will. He can solidify his body and transform it into blades.
    • Dragon Form - Using this power, he can transform the upper part of his body into a dragon. His head and arms turns reptilian and he grows wings on his back.
  • Elemental Energy Use - Neo Dio can burn or freeze the opponent as well as channel electricity through his "hair" or fire balls of electricity.
  • Energy Projectile - He can release an energy projectile from his body.

Fighting Style

His fighting style stems primarily from his physiology. He attacks with blades and high-speed moves.


  • Murder -D-: World Heroes 2
  • The Devil of Incarnation ~ Neo Dio - Neo Geo Battle Coliseum




SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS




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