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Neo Bomberman is a action maze game released in 1997 by Hudson Soft for the Neo Geo MVS system. It was never released on the AES home console and was never ported to other systems.


Neo Bomberman plays much like other titles in the Bomberman series, with players controlling a Bomberman character on a top-down maze-like arena which can drop bombs to destroy bricks or defeat enemies.

The game features two gameplay modes:

  • Normal mode is the main gameplay mode, where the player must clear an arena of enemies before proceeding to the next one. By destroying the bricks the player can clear the path and find various items which can boost the player's abilities, while some enemies will drop eggs which allow the player to ride an enemy hatched from them. In some stages the player can rescue a captured Bomberman, which will then aid the player until it advances to the next arena.
  • Battle mode is a deathmatch style gameplay mode, where the player faces off against other Bombermen. This mode allows for multiplayer, though only two players can battle.

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