Neo (right) & Geo (left) in The King of Fighters 2000.

Neo & Geo (ネオ&ジオ, Neo ando Jio), whose full names are Neo McDonald (ネオ・マクドナルド, Neo Makudorunarudo) and Geo Kentucky (ジオ・ケンタッキー, Jio Kentakkī), are the two protagonists to SNK's quiz series, Quiz Dai Sousa-sen. Their namesake is SNK's household console, Neo Geo. Neo (the original game's first player character) is the one in the white jacket and red shirt; Geo (the original game's second player) is the one wearing a blue outfit and glasses. Geo was visually modeled on a photograph of Toyohisa Tanabe. They are voiced by Hiroyuki Arita for their appearance in The King of Fighters 2000.


Neo and Geo are two talented private investigators who help people as they encounter them. They usually offer their services for free, which gets them in trouble for their rent. Although they have several organizations requesting their skills, both men choose to remain independent in the streets. Their adventures take them around the world, through time, and even outer space.


Neo is the more hot-headed of the two, wanting to get into the action rather than play along with the villain's quizzes. He's also popular with the ladies, though he insists that he's not interested since he's a man dedicated to his job. Geo is the calmer of the duo, always speaking politely and careful to avoid fights until they're in his advantage. They are always seen working together to defeat their enemies with their fists and knowledge.

Fighting Style

Both men are usually quizzed by their opponents. If they answer correctly, they'll use punches or other elements of the environment to help themselves out.

Game Appearances

Cameo Apppearances

Mobile Appearances






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