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Naoki Watanabe (渡辺 直樹, Watanabe Naoki), born on October 13, 1956, is a Japanese professional bassist. He started his professional career when he was 15 and has since worked for various studios, bands, and concerts as a support artist. He is best known for his rock arrangements but has dabbled into blues, pop, and reggae. He has worked with several popular artists in the past such as B'z, Maki Ohguro, Chihiro Onitsuka, and others. Starting in 2002, Watanabe went solo and is not affiliated with any agency at the moment. His personal website is here.

SNK Works

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 Arrange Sound Trax - also arranger
  • The King of Fighters '98 Arrange Sound Trax
  • The King of Fighters 2000 Arrange Sound Trax
  • NEO-GEO DJ Station
  • Neo Geo DJ Station Special Radio Drama Hen
  • Neo Geo DJ Station Live '98
  • Neo Geo DJ Station in Neo Chupi
  • Neo Geo DJ Station 2 ~ B.O.F Returns
  • Neo Geo DJ Station Live '99
  • Neo Geo DJ Station in Gemudora night!
  • Samurai Shodown Arrange Sound Trax
  • Samurai Shodown Image Album
  • Samurai Shodown 64 Arrange Sound Trax