Namino (那美乃) is Yaci's lover in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. The English Samurai Shodown Official Site also lists his name as "Tomomino". Yaci gives him the affectionate nickname, "Nami".


Namino is a popular transvestite prostitute who eloped with Yaci. Since he met Yaci, he dreams of freedom in a peaceful new land. In Yaci's story mode, he is targeted by the Shibito, Yaci's gang. Though Yaci finds him, Namino is wounded by one of Yaci's men for "changing" his boss. He succumbs to the injury and dies while sailing off the shores of Ritenkyo.

Namino's fate in other scenarios suggests that he still resides in Zegengai along side Yaci. In order to protect Namino from his rebellious and bitter gang, Yaci killed the ones who tracked them down. When Namino innocently tells him that some men are looking for him, Yaci decides to leave Ritenkyo the same night. Namino, though concerned about his lover's troubled state, agrees. Their fate after meeting Kunou Seishiro is unknown.


A very feminine and gentle soul who dedicates himself to Yaci. He seems blissfully unaware of Yaci's bloody reputation and his status in Ritenkyo.

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