NESTS (ネスツ) was a secret syndicate that used the King of Fighters 99-2001 tournaments to carry out their plans for world domination, being the main antagonists of the second KOF story arc. Their ultimate plan was to collect fighters' battle data in the tournament and defeat them by using another team or one of their agents. Once the world was ridden of its only protectors, the cartel would then conquer it, using the data obtained to make their army of unstoppable fighters. Their main headquarters was located in a space satellite hovering over Earth.

They possessed the ability to create super-powered humans, space ships and satellites, and were able to mass produce thousands of Kyo clones in a year. Their scientific advancements shocked the globe, causing former agents to be labeled as terrorists and targets for top-secret research. The cartel ended with Igniz's death, though Diana and Foxy have since been working to restore it, presumably with more benign goals.

In reality as of The King of Fighters XIV spin-off manga, A New Beginning, one of the evil NESTS remnants are still on the looses while continuing their evil scheme, as well as revealing to had been infiltrating in pre-The King of Fighters '99 tournaments on gathering the fighters’ combat data ever since.


NESTS is a secret organization that had control over all kinds of criminal activity throughout the world. Their dealings made many corporations around the globe to go bankrupt, and so their members were wanted by all investigation agencies, but no one could find their headquarters, since it was on a satellite hovering around the world. NESTS had a high-technological arsenal of weapons and machines at their disposal, which allowed them to research on many fields of science, specially on bio-engineering.

To fulfill their plans of world domination, they bought the sponsoring rights of the King of Fighters, using the tournament as a tool. They planed to collect the data from the fighters of the tournament and use it to create bio-engineered super-soldiers capable of defeating all the fighters, then without resistance conquer the world with their army. 



Ranked in order mentioned on the Ureyusa development blog for Maximum Impact:

  • Nests (Killed by Igniz in an act of hostile takeover in KOF 2001)
  • Igniz (Perished as the outer space base crashed into Earth upon his defeat; his soul is one of the many that resides within Verse)
  • Misty (Left NESTS upon Igniz's death, currently an ally of the Flying Brigands, aka Hizoku Clan with Ron)
  • Ron (Left NESTS upon Igniz's death, currently eyeing the Dragon Spirit in Sie Kensou and Bao)
  • Original Zero (Fate unknown; possibly perished in the interim spaceship as it burned upon his defeat)
  • Krizalid (Executed by Zero's clone for being defeated and failing his mission in collecting battle data in KOF 99 and dies soon after. Later revived to life by the original Zero; died during the events of KOF 2001; One of many souls inside Verse)
    • According to the KOF 2001 novel, Whip deals him his second death by her desert eagle.
  • Clone Zero (Euthanized by Whip with a headshot in KOF 2000)
    • Other scenarios shows him being executed by Foxy and Diana for betrayal, or being killed by the Zero Cannon after Heidern wrestles back control from his clone posing as Ling.
  • Diana (Alive, defected upon destruction of NESTS, already AWOL with Foxy in favor of Kula as of KOF 2001)
  • Foxy (Alive, injured by Angel and K9999 for defecting with Diana and Kula)


This list also includes people who have left the organization.

  • K' (Defected, becomes their sworn enemy)
  • Maxima (Defected with K')
  • Whip (Defected, joins Ikari Warriors and K')
  • Kula Diamond (Defected with Diana and Foxy after destroying Zero Cannon in KOF 2000)
  • Candy Diamond (Wrecked while Kula destroyed Zero Cannon, currently scrap metal; Kula intends to repair her)
  • K9999 (Alive, whereabouts unknown after battle with K' in KOF 2001)
  • Angel (Alive, defected NESTS after Igniz's death)
  • Kyo-1 (Fate unknown, possibly neutralized by Heidern's operatives or Clone Zero in KOF 99)
  • Kyo-2 (Fate unknown, possibly neutralized by Heidern's operatives or Clone Zero in KOF 99)
  • Nameless (Canon fate unknown)
  • Isolde (Died during an experiment, currently an entity in Nameless' gloves)
  • Dr. Makishima (Alive, a constant target of kidnapping, has defected NESTS; currently in seclusion)
  • Sylvie Paula Paula (Alive, one of the remaining members of NESTS during Igniz's demise, and defects the organization due to her past trauma when she was a member of that organization)
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