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This artice is about the syndicate. For the character, check Nests.

NESTS (ネスツ) was a secret syndicate that used the King of Fighters '99, 2000, and 2001 tournaments to carry out their plans for world domination, being the main antagonists of the second KOF story arc. Their ultimate plan was to collect fighters' battle data in the tournament and defeat them by using another team or one of their agents. Once the world was ridden of its only protectors, the cartel would then conquer it, using the data obtained to make their army of unstoppable fighters. Their main headquarters was located in a space satellite hovering over Earth.

They possessed the ability to create super-powered humans, spaceships and satellites, and were able to mass produce thousands of Kyo Kusanagi clones within a year. Their scientific advancements shocked the globe, causing former agents to be labeled as terrorists and targets for top-secret research. The cartel ended with Igniz's death, though Diana and Foxy have since been working to restore it, presumably with more benign goals, not knowing that there are remnants of the organization still carrying out the original shady agenda as of The King of Fighters XIV.



NESTS is a secret organization that had control over all kinds of criminal activity throughout the world. Their dealings made many corporations around the globe to go bankrupt, and so their members were wanted by all investigation agencies, but no one could find their headquarters, since it was on a satellite hovering around the world. NESTS had a high-technological arsenal of weapons and machines at their disposal, which allowed them to research on many fields of science, specifically on bio-engineering.

Orochi Saga[]

Somewhere during the Orochi Saga (possibly during KOF '95-'96), they learned about the Orochi power as well as Kyo Kusanagi. When Kyo was knocked out after the fight with Orochi, they kidnapped him and beginning the "Kusanagi Cloning Program". This led to many creations to be made, such as the Kyo Clones, Krizalid, and K'; with the latter eventually being NESTS's ultimate downfall.

NESTS Chronicles[]

To fulfill their plans of world domination, they bought the sponsoring rights of the King of Fighters and hosted The King of Fighters '99. In reality, NESTS used KOF as a tool for "Project Krizalid". They planned to collect the data from the fighters of the tournament and use it to create bio-engineered super-soldiers capable of defeating all the fighters, then without resistance conquer the world with their army. However, K' and his team put an end to their plans, which lead to Krizalid's death.

In 2000, Heidern & Clone Zero (who was a NESTS operative impersonating Ling) hosts The King of Fighters 2000, in the hopes of luring K' and Maxima out and making them reveal where NESTS's headquarters are. Unknownst to Heidern, Clone Zero request Diana and Foxy to take their newest creation with them, Kula, the Anti-K' weapon. During the 3rd round of the tournament, Kula froze the arena and was ordered to kill K'. She fails and is forced to retreat. During the climax of the tournament Zero reveals himself and decides to betray both NESTS and Heidern for his own goals, and planned to use the "Project '00" plan, which involved using the fighters energy to charge the Zero Cannon, which was able to destroy South Town in a single shot. His plans were foiled by the combined efforts of K' and his team defeating him in battle, Heidern, and the NESTS team Kula Diamond, Foxy, Diana and Candy Diamond destroying the Zero Cannon.

In 2001, NESTS hosts The King of Fighters 2001 in hopes of taking out all of their enemies once and for all. To ensure their success, NESTS sent in their own team to participate; The NESTS Team, composed by Foxy, Kula, Angel, and their newest creation, K9999 (the 9999th and final Kyo clone, built from the ground up). Their team were defeated by the K' Team (who would win the tournament).

When the K' Team reached the headquarters, they came face to face with Igniz, who killed Nests before their eyes. Igniz reveals the true reason why NESTS hosted the KOF 2001 tournament was in hopes of becoming a new god. His hopes were short-lived when he was defeated by K'. Cursing his failure and declaring himself a demon instead, Igniz attempts to destroy those who oppose him by plummeting NESTS' main headquarters out of orbit. However, the fortunate passengers in the falling station survive the heat inside it (apparently thanks to Ron). With Igniz's death, it signaled the end of the NESTS cartel and its saga.

New Age Saga[]

Despite being believed to be all but extinct, remnants of the evil NESTS cartel are still at large while continuing their evil scheme, as well as revealing to had been infiltrating in pre-The King of Fighters '99 tournaments in gathering the fighters’ combat data ever since. This was first alluded to in The King of Fighters XIV spin-off manga, A New Beginning, and recently confirmed in The King of Fighters XV.



Ranked in order mentioned on the Ureyusa development blog for Maximum Impact:

Main Leader
Killed by his son Igniz in an act of hostile takeover in KOF 2001.
KOF All Star Igniz
New Leader
Perished as the outer space base crashed into Earth upon his defeat; his soul is one of the many that resides within Verse, as confirmed in KOF XIV.
Left NESTS upon Igniz's death, currently an ally of the Flying Brigands, A.K.A. Hizoku Clan with Ron.
Ninja Ally
Left NESTS upon Igniz's death, currently eyeing the Dragon Spirit present in Sie Kensou and Bao.
Zero Original KOF01
Original Zero
Executive Member
Fate unknown; possibly perished in the interim spaceship as it burned upon his defeat; his soul is possibly one of the many that resides within Verse.
KOF All Star Krizalid
Executed by Zero's clone for being defeated and failing his mission in collecting battle data in KOF '99 and dies soon after. Later revived to life by the original Zero; died during the events of KOF 2001; One of many souls inside Verse. According to the KOF 2001 novel, Whip deals him his second death by her desert eagle.
Clone Zero
Executive Member
Euthanized by Whip with a headshot in KOF 2000. (Other scenarios shows him being executed by Foxy and Diana for betrayal, or being killed by the Zero Cannon after Heidern wrestles back control from his clone posing as Ling.)
Officer and one of Kula's protectors.
Alive, defected upon destruction of NESTS, already along with Foxy in favor of Kula as of KOF 2001.
Officer and one of Kula's protectors.
Alive, after being injured by Ángel and K9999 for defecting with Diana and Kula.


This list also includes people who have left the organization, between traitors and former agents.

Defected, becomes their sworn enemy.
Defected along with K'.
Defected, joins Ikari Warriors and later K' Teams.
Kula Diamond
Defected with Diana and Foxy after destroying the Zero Cannon in KOF 2000.
Candy Diamond
Wrecked while Kula destroyed Zero Cannon in KOF 2000, and is currently scrap metal. Kula, Foxy and Diana intends to repair her.
K9999 2002
Alive, escapes via helicopter after the battle with K' in KOF 2001. Constantly on the run from NESTS agents under the alias Krohnen McDougall.
Alive, defected NESTS after Igniz's death. Has assisted K9999 behind the scenes in being incognito and hiding from the cartel remnants.
Present in an alternative and non-canonical universe, when he is not a Chizuru's magic clone; this version is displayed in KOF 2002 (and its remake).
Kyo-1 & Kyo-2
Fate unknown, possibly neutralized by Heidern's operatives or Clone Zero in KOF '99.
Nameless KOF02
Alive, however since he only appears in a Dream Match game, his canonical fate is unknown. In the mobile game The King of Fighters All Star, he is depicted to have died while ensuring the NESTS base in the Martian moon Deimos is destroyed; however, this scenario is declared non-canon.
Died during an experiment, currently an entity in Nameless' gloves.
Dr. Makishima
Alive, a constant target of kidnapping, has defected NESTS; currently in seclusion.
Clone of Ling
Defected with Cloned Zero; killed by Heidern at the end of KOF 2000.
Sylvie KOF XV
Sylvie Paula Paula
Alive, one of the remaining members of NESTS during Igniz's demise, and defects the organization due to her past trauma when she was a member of the organization.