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NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro is a home Arcade console developed by SNK, first announced in September 10th, 2019[1]. The console is a Arcade stick inspired by the Neo Geo CD's controller design, initially released with 20 pre-installed Neo Geo fighting game titles.[2] 20 additional games can be unlocked by following instructions in the official site (two games for month) for a total of 40 games.

The features on the Arcade Stick Pro (abbreviated as ASP) are similar to those found on the Neo Geo Mini. Like the Mini, all of the games featured on the system are based on their AES home versions, granting players a limited number of credits to beat each game. While the memory card feature is also present on the ASP, allowing players to save their progress upon a game over with most games, players can also use up to four save states for every title whenever they please. All of the games are based on their Japanese versions. Additional accessories such as a USB Type A to Type C adapter, stickers and silicone covers for the unit and joystick ball can be purchased separately. Like the Mini, a USB plug is not included to power the unit.

Additional gameplay features to the ASP include more video filters, such as vertical, horizontal and diagonal scanlines, and the ability to remove all filters for a pixel perfect appearance. The joystick also includes microswitches, giving it a "clicky" sound which the Neo Geo Mini was lacking and criticized for. The emulation quality overall has also been improved.

The ASP can also be used as a controller for the PC as well as the Neo Geo Mini through its USB-A cord. Additionally, the Mini itself and the USB gamepads produced for it can also be used as controllers to use on the ASP. An extra peripheral, the Game Linq, can be ordered separately to make the ASP and the USB gamepads compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Sony Playstation 3 and 4. The ASP is not compatible with Microsoft's Xbox systems.

Like the Mini, the Stick Pro has the rating Teen (ESRB), due to some games having blood and gore, crude humor, suggestive themes and violence.

Available Games

A total of 40 games are pre-installed on the ASP, but only 20 can be accessed. In order to unlock the remaining 20, unlock keys must be downloaded from the product's official website, extracted onto a USB stick, and placed into the ASP to read. Two games were made available each month starting from December 2019 until September 2020.

Initial Games

Unlockable Games

Samurai Shodown series

Metal Slug series

The Last Blade series

Fatal Fury series

Art of Fighting series

Savage Reign series

Super Sidekicks series

Shock Troopers series

Other Games

Christmas Edition

This version was released in October 15, 2020, and includes a NEOGEO mini PAD, a silicone cover and other accessories, besides all games of the standard version (between pre-installed and unlocked) and an album with special illustrations celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the NEO GEO system/brand. All of the games are based on their MVS versions. [3]



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