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The King of Fighters XIVEdit

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Chang Koehan

Mui Mui: "Wow, you have a panda belly!"
Chang: "Hohoho, you tiny thing, do you want me to squish you?"
Mui Mui: "Can I bounce on it?"
Chang: "You little... Are you making fun of me?!"
Mui Mui: "Panda belly... That reminds me, I wonder if Pui Pui is alright."
Chang: "You're getting on my nerves! You may just be a little brat, but I'm not gonna go easy on you!"


Mature: "Oh, you must be exhausted after coming such a long way."
Mui Mui: "Nakoruru took me with her, so I'm not really exhausted after all."
Mature: "That's not what I meant. To come all this way to be destroyed... It must be exhausting."
Mui Mui: "Well, I didn't come here to be destroyed."
Mature: "Hmph... You're an annoying little girl..."

Sie Kensou

Mui Mui: "Dim sum! You ate dim sum before coming, didn't you?!"
Kensou: "Wh-what?! Yeah, I did, but... What, you like it too?"
Mui Mui: "Of course! But the dim sum in your world is all pretty bland."
Kensou: "Ah, alright. I'll take you to Kobe next time. It's really good there."
Mui Mui: "Really? Great!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Alright! Here I go!"
  • "I. Won't. Lose."
  • "I'm so hungry... I want some sweet and sour chicken."
  • "Exercising hard always makes me want to have fried eggs!"
  • "I win! Yay!"
  • "I win this time! Now I'm looking forward to the next time!"
  • "Nice moves! Let's fight again if we have the chance!"
  • "Ouch. I have to train more and get stronger!"
  • "Whew, that was scary... Like a meat bun without the meat."
  • "You were a tough opponent, but it looks like my Kung Fu wins."
  • "Yayyyy!"
  • "I had fried chicken for today, so I'm strong!"
  • "OK, now I can move on to the next round!"
  • "I don't have time to take it easy. So I gave it my all!"
  • "I'm still descended from dragons! My true power will never lose!"
  • "My daily training made for this result!"
  • "I have a goal! I won't lose until I achieve it!
  • "That was risky, but I won somehow!"
  • "That was a huge win by me!"
  • "I want fried eggs."
  • "Today I'll get... Meatballs!"
  • "Super hot!! Am I right?"
  • "That was a great fight! The victory was anyone's to take!"
  • "The food here is tasty. I'm so happy!"
  • "You were a tough opponent, but it looks like my Kung Fu wins!"
  • "Did you skip a meal? If you don't eat, you can't use your strength!"
  • "Wow! You really are a strong champion, old man! Huh? Self-titled?" (vs. Antonov)
  • "Your psychic powers surprised me, but I don't lose at Kung Fu!" (vs. Athena)
  • "Whew... Now I want to see Pui Pui." (vs. Chang)
  • "So, old man? My skills are pretty good, right?" (vs. Chin)
  • "Amazing kicks! If you hit me with one I'd be dead!" (vs. Joe)
  • "You like meat buns, that means you can't be a bad guy! But this is a fight so, sorry." (vs. Kensou)
  • "Aaah, that was cold! I hate the cold!" (vs. Kula)
  • "That fire was cool! It'd be great for Chinese cooking!" (vs. Kyo)
  • "Love, you have friends like Pui Pui and Mamahaha too, right? Introduce us next time!" (vs. Love)
  • "Now that's quite an outfit... Very 21st century!" (vs. Mai)
  • "What a weird lady. It was almost like she wasn't human." (vs. Mature)
  • "It's too early to sleep! Food tastes best after exercise." (vs. Meitenkun)
  • "It was fun waiting for your mask to change! Very cool!" (vs. Mian)
  • "Nakoruru, your soul is so beautiful and strong! I like it." (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "Those moves! Now that's an assassination style! You villians won't get away!" (vs. Oswald)
  • "I won't lose when it comes to explosions!!" (vs. Ralf)
  • "The dragon vs. the tiger! This time the dragon wins!" (vs. Ramon)
  • "Are you involved with the evil we chased here?" (vs. Shun'ei)
  • "I'm surprised you could see my moves! You're a really seasoned fighter..." (vs. Terry)
  • "I feel the presence of a great spirit. Like it let me win." (vs. Tung)
  • "Evil all gathered together is so troublesome... Good thing I won." (vs. Verse)
  • "Dragons eat snakes!" (vs. Yamazaki)

SNK Heroines: Tag Team FrenzyEdit

Intro QuoteEdit

  • Now's my chance! Super hoooooooot!!!"

Prologue ScenesEdit

Athena Asamiya

Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Athena: "I know this creepy way of speech. It's Kukri, isn't it!?"
Kukri: "You should know better than to offer up the right answer right at the start! It kills the tension! I guess I shouldn't expect any better from a third-rate idol!"
Athena: "T-Third rate!?!?"
Mui Mui: "How dare you call Athena third-rate! She's at least a second-rate pop star!"
Athena: "What!?"

Win Quotes (Normal Voice)Edit

  • "Your Kung Fu is top-notch, so there's no reason to be bothered by the fact that you're a third-rate idol, right?" (vs. Athena)
  • "You don't have any moves of your own! I could win this battle blindfolded!" (vs. Herself)
  • "Do you get it now? Justice will always prevail!" (vs. Kukri)
  • "Alright! Once this is over, let's go get ice cream together! But you still gotta wait a little longer, okay?" (vs. Kula)
  • "Those earrings of yours explode, don't they? I gotta say, this world of yours seems pretty dangerous!" (vs. Leona)
  • "Once we get out of here I want to race your airship with my Flying Nimbus!" (vs. Love)
  • "You can play a damsel in distress now! The heroine Mui Mui is off to take down the Demon Lord!" (vs. Luong)
  • "You're waaaaay different from the ninjas I saw on TV! Are you a fake or something?" (vs. Mai)
  • "Hmmm.... I swear I've seen a mask like yours somewhere. Did you drop it on the way here?" (vs. Mian)
  • "I'm sorry, Nakoruru! But, I am destined to defeat the Demon Lord. I'll be back to you, I promise!" (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "Is everyone inside this world dressed up in weird outfits?" (vs. Shermie)
  • "Please wait for a second! I'll drag that Demon Lord over here and make sure he apologizes!" (vs. Sylvie)
  • "I can't believe yo can fight so well even thought you are stuck in a new body you aren't even used to! Amazing!" (vs. Terry)
  • "Yuri, are you training every day? It's important to make a habit of it so you don't get rusty!" (vs. Yuri)
  • "You always put me at ease, Zarina!" (vs. Zarina)

Win Quotes (Customization Mode - Voice Set 1)Edit

  • "Has your pop idol schedule kept you busy? You shouldn't skip out on your kung fu treinament!" (vs. Athena)
  • "I am destined to defeat the Demon Lord! So I am not letting anyone get in my way!" (vs. Herself)
  • "With your defeat, the legend of the Heroine Mui Mui comes to a close here!" (vs. Kukri)
  • "Even your ice powers couldn't cool down that hot-blooded battle!" (vs. Kula)
  • "Huh... That's weird. Your aura kind of reminds me of those two sadistic ladies, but it's different still. Weird..." (vs. Leona)
  • "How dare they pit us teammates against each other! I will never forgive you, Demon Lord Sabuli Dark!" (vs. Love)
  • "It doesn't matter how long your legs are! Once you're in my range it's all over!" (vs. Luong)
  • "Hey, hey! If you're a ninja, how about summoning one of those giant frogs! Huh? You can't do that? Well, that sucks!" (vs. Mai)
  • "Your performance is boring without your mask!" (vs. Mian)
  • "I'll be back after I defeat the Demon Lord. Figure out a good place for our celebratory dinner in the meantime!" (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "What a beauty! Ah, I forgot to get a look at her face!" (vs. Shermie)
  • "I can't believe the Demon Lord Sabuli Dark would go so far as to drag his only friend into this mess. Unforgiveable!" (vs. Sylvie)
  • "I know all about you, Legendary Wolf. I couldn't hold back if I wanted to win!" (vs. Terry)
  • "Yay! I won! Next time, let's have an eating contest!" (vs. Yuri)
  • "That's so cool that you fight just using your legs! This world has lots of interesting people..." (vs. Zarina)

Win Quotes (Customization Mode - Voice Set 2)Edit

  • "That was a close match! I hope we can do this again sometime!" (vs. Athena)
  • "It's kinda creepy seeing all of your moves copied like that..." (vs. Herself)
  • "You should take better care of your friends! Don't you dare cause any more trouble for Sylvie!" (vs. Kukri)
  • "What an amazing power! I thought you had me there for a second..." (vs. Kula)
  • "You keep going on and on about your training... I'm pretty sure the military has nothing to do with this thought!" (vs. Leona)
  • "It's a good thing I know all of your moves! That's one plus when fighting your teammate!" (vs. Love)
  • "What a beautiful lady. Ever since Nakoruru brought me to this world, all I have seen are beatiful ladies..." (vs. Luong)
  • "I haven't seen you since the KOF tournament, but you're always wearing some pretty crazy outfits. Is that always the case? Even when you go shopping?" (vs. Mai)
  • "I knew you were hiding a cute face behind that mask! You should show it more often!" (vs. Mian)
  • "Seeing you with Mamahaha makes me want to see Pui Pui again..." (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "This lady reminds of those two sadistic ladies in the KOF tournament... I wonder why?" (vs. Shermie)
  • "It must to be tough having weird friends like Kukri..." (vs. Sylvie)
  • "Leave the rest to me! You're so cool! Even as a girl!" (vs. Terry)
  • "I won't lose when it comes to spirit! Don't forget I am a descendant of the dragon!" (vs. Yuri)
  • "Nakoruru can summon Mamahaha, but I guess you can't just summon Coco like her, right? That's too bad..." (vs. Zarina)

Win Quotes (Customization Mode - Voice Set 3)Edit

  • "Your Psycho Powers are soooo amazing! If I train with your master will I able to use them too!?" (vs. Athena)
  • "Did you make sure to eat breakfast today? It's the most important meal of the day! Especially for fighters like us!" (vs. Herself)
  • "'The Demon Lord Sabuli Dark is defeated by the heroine Mui Mui, now considered the world's savior.' Now THAT'S how you end an epic adventure story!" (vs. Kukri)
  • "Wah! So cold! I'm freezing! If only I had a pipping hot meat bun..." (vs. Kula)
  • "Hey, can I take a ride on that giant boat your team has? You can take me on a tour to this strange new world!" (vs. Leona)
  • "I know it's to defeat the Demon Lord, but I still don't feel right about taking on my own teammate!" (vs. Love)
  • "How much do I have to eat so I can grow up to be just like you? A lot?" (vs. Luong)
  • "Hey, if you use that fire ability of yours you could probably cook up some tasty fried rice!" (vs. Mai)
  • "Your fighting style looks more like a beautiful dance. I wonder I can do it too? Heh, I guess not!" (vs. Mian)
  • "Hey, Nakoruru! Can you call Pui Pui for me? If you can call Mamahaha then you should be able to do it, right?" (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "You're a pro-wrestler, aren't you? I know all about that scene! I watched some on TV!" (vs. Shermie)
  • "I can't believe I had to beat up Sylvie! This is all the Demon Lord Sabuli Dark's fault!" (vs. Sylvie)
  • "If we defeat the Demon Lord, will you turn back into a boy? What a waste!" (vs. Terry)
  • "Yes! I get free all-you-can-eat BBQ! Huh? We never made such a deal? Teehee..." (vs. Yuri)
  • "Tell me what kind of delicious food they have in your country! I will take Nakoruru and Love to try some!" (vs. Zarina)

Win Quotes (DLC Characters)Edit

  • "I'll sure everyone by myself! Just stay back and cheer for me! ♪"
  • "What a stunning victory! Leave everything to me!"
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