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Mudman (マッドマン) is an original character in the World Heroes series who was introduced in World Heroes 2. He is voiced by Atsushi Maezuka in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.


Mudman is a revered shaman and/or a witch doctor, and a holy warrior to his tribe. He fights in the name of his god Fahfar, to rid the world of evil forces and protect nature, hoping to one day earn his right in the heavens.


A man who is easily moved by the will of people, he acts as their savior. Although he is a warrior with a serious mission, he is pretty upbeat and cheerful.


  • Summon Spirits - Mudman can summon blue specters to attack his enemies.
  • Extreme Flexibility - Mudman can do humanly impossible actions, like jump in mid-air, stall and kick, or spin his whole body around his head in mid-air.
  • Angel Lift (Heaven's Cross) - Mudman can summon two angels to lift his opponent out of the battlefield.
  • Energy Spheres - By wearing a certain mask, Mudman can bring a blue energy sphere into orbit and crush his enemy with it.

Fighting Style[]

Mudman mostly relies on his spirits to do most of his fighting for him. He is also capable of humanly impossible stunts, such as spinning in mid-air with just his mask.


  • M'Madmeeeen! - World Heroes 2
  • Ruddy Dreaming - World Heroes 2






Card Fighters Clash DS


World Heroes 2 World Heroes 2 (P2 Palette) World Heroes Perfect (P2 Palette) Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Mudman WHP


  • Mudman's design resembles the look of New Guinean headhunters.
  • Mudman is a homage to Daijiro Morohoshi's manga, Mudmen.


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