Mr. Big (Mr. ビッグ, Misutā Biggu) is a boss character from the Art of Fighting series, who was later added to the The King of Fighters series.


Mr. Big's real name is never fully revealed, though John Crawley's bio in the manual for the first Art of Fighting makes reference to his combat buddy "James", who saved him after being shot.[1] The manual for the Super NES version confirms that it was indeed Mr. Big who rescued John Crawley and that his first name starts with a J.[2]

Art of FightingEdit

Mr. Big has been involved with the mob for as long as he can remember. A former kingpin of South Town, he was eventually overthrown by Geese Howard's organization. Nonetheless, Geese recruited Mr. Big, and he quickly rose through the ranks to become Geese's right-hand man.

While Geese was out of town on business, he left Mr. Big in charge. Under Geese's orders, Mr. Big has Takuma's daughter kidnapped as an added incentive to keep the unwilling father working for the organization. Unfortunately, the plan backfired when Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia fought their way through South Town to rescue her and find Takuma, leaving Mr. Big defeated.

In the second game when Geese hosts the first "King of Fighters" tournament, Mr. Big enters as a contestant to prove his power to those who once defeated him.

Neo Geo Battle ColiseumEdit

His story in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum serves as a (non-canon) prelude for his entry in the King of Fighters tournament. Mr. Big enters the coliseum and defeats WAREZ in a coup to drive them out of Southtown and increase the power of his own syndicate. As he celebrates his victory, he muses that he will enter the upcoming tournament to manage some way to take advantage of his future team members.

The King of FightersEdit

In 1996, Geese recruited Mr. Big and Wolfgang Krauser to form a team and enter the tournament. Mr. Big accepted the invitation on the grounds of possibly expanding the influence of his organization. During the tournament's conclusion, it is revealed that Geese had used his fellow teammates to gauge the strength of the Orochi power. Enraged, Mr. Big tries to use a sniper on Geese, but is thwarted by Billy. He then leaves, warning Geese that he will one day return the favor again.

In The King of Fighters XIV, in the South Town team ending, Mr. Big, referred to as James by Geese Howard, orchestrates an assault on their car, with Hein and Billy confronting the gunmen while allowing the crime boss to escape. The assault is likely the fulfillment of the threat he made back at KOF '96.


Excessively self-confident, cocky and ambitious, Mr. Big will use any methods he deems necessary to get what he wants, and has no qualms about marking for death (or even killing personally) anyone who dares to defy him. He enjoys the feeling of complete control and the glory that comes with it. He hates being told what to do by others. Mr. Big also seems to enjoy being surrounded by women, often seen with a woman on each arm.


  • Electric Stick: Mr. Big can release an electric ray from his sticks, either straight forward, or creating a wave along the floor.
  • Burst of Flight: Mr. Big can fly forward completely horizontal for a short duration to attack a foe.
  • Projectile Defense: While spinning rapidly with his sticks outward, Mr. Big can defend against (or even deflect back) other character's energy or physical projectile attacks without taking damage.

Fighting StyleEdit

Big fights using traditional Eskrima, a Filipino Martial Art under the Arnis system, and shows great mastery of the art (maybe this is due to his military background years prior) despite being a gangster rather than a professional fighter or teacher.

His weapon set (commonly dark-brown or black) can also extend and combine/separate for several of his techniques, as well as being capable of spawning projectiles and even electricity. It is made of Rattan, a Southeast-Asian vine commonly used in Arnis sticks, well known for durability in combat.

His uppercut arc is highly reminiscent of one of Jubei Yagyu's technique, covering ground before going in anti-air motion, while his aerial spinning motion looks nearly identical to M. Bison's iconic Psycho Crusher, sans the energy projection.


  • Blue Moon Factory - Art of Fighting
  • Blue Moon Factory - Oh Oh Big Mix - - Art of Fighting 2
  • Dust Man - The King of Fighters '96
  • Mr. Big - Art of Fighting anime

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  • During his original appearance in the first Art of Fighting, Mr. Big was incapable of jumping or crouching; he had a special technique (a rolling stick thrust) whose command has never been found by players. The only way Mr. Big could avoid a ground projectile would be to time his Cross Diving special technique carefully, he is forced to block regular projectiles. He has gained the ability to jump since then.


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