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Money Puzzle Exchanger, known in Japan as Money Idol Exchanger (マネーアイドルエクスチェンシヤー) is a puzzle game released in 1997 by Face for the Neo Geo MVS system. This game didn't receive an AES version, but was ported to the PlayStation and Game Boy in Japan only. This is the final game Face's released before they went bankrupt. It is rumored that Data East actually sued Face for this game's supposed similarities to Magical Drop.


You control your character on the bottom of the screen, who can move left and right. Button A is used to grab coins while button B is used to toss them. The game plays very similarly to Magical Drop, but instead of matching colored gems you must match coins of various values. By matching coins of the same value, their value will add up, creating a new coin of the added value: for example, by matching five $1 coins you create a $5 coin, matching two $5 coins creates a $10 coin and so on up to $500 coins, which when matched will disappear and grant a score bonus for the player. There are also two items which may appear on the the playfield: the "RU", which will automatically raise the value of all coins with the same value as the one closest when two of the item is matched, and the "ER", which will automatically erase all coins with the same value as the one closest when two of the item is matched. The objective of the game is to create chains by matching the coins. Creating chains will send lines of coins to the opponent's side when facing the CPU or another player. The player loses if the coins reach the bottom of the screen.

The coins graphics are changed to match the regional currency of where the game was released.

Game Modes

  • Vs COM: Players pick one of the two main characters and fight against the other CPU controlled characters.
  • Solo Play: An endless survival mode. All characters are available for play.
  • 1P vs 2P: A two players versus mode. All characters are available as well.


  • Sakura Mitsukoshi / Exchanger: One of the two main characters. She is a magical girl, wearing a pink dress.
  • Asahi Takashima/ Debtmiser: The other main character. She's also a magical girl, wearing a purple dress.
  • Franc Lulula / Cherrybeiter: A schoolgirl wearing a waitress costume.
  • Bill Bank / Coquetry: A small boy who wears a goofy dog costume.
  • En Arashizaki / Everyworker: A sporty girl wearing a gym suit.
  • Seshil Pound / Eldylabor: A nerdy girl wearing a futuristic lab suit.
  • Blibov Sakata / Macker: A guy in a hero costume.
  • Note Bank / Mightdealer: An adult woman in a night dress and the final boss of the game.