Miu Kurosaki (黒咲 壬羽, Kurosaki Miu) is a character introduced in The King of Fighters EX2. She is one of the ten treasures though her treasure remains unknown. She is voiced by Ai Nonaka.


Miu enters the tournament (joining Iori Yagami's team, along with Jun Kagami) to find her kidnapped younger brother, Sinobu Amou. She is worried that he has fallen to Orochi's power.


Miu is a quiet and lonely girl. She acts as though she doesn't care for much of anything, but she really will act for those close to her.


  • Feather Attack - Miu has several special techniques that emit energy in the imagery of crow feathers.
  • Slashing Aura - Miu can slice people with her hands.

Fighting Style

Miu uses various feather attacks to fight.


Game Appearances

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