Misato Shinro (神鷺みさと) is an original character from the Days of Memories series. She appears in Boku to Kanojo to Koto no Koi.


Misato is the class klutz who is known for being easily flustered and embarrassed. She amazingly doesn't get callouses or bruises while performing her sport and performs gracefully. Her dream is to one day become a housewife who can charm lots of guests and make delicious dishes. Since she believes that other girls are more popular and beautiful than her, she occasionally visits them in private to get tips on how to be more attractive.

A hopeless romantic, she hopes to confess to Kyo Kusanagi during the class field trip to Kyoto. Believing in superstitions, she buys lots of charms and amulets and pushes to visit auspicious places during for the group. She tries to invite Kyo to sit next to her on the bus but is rejected each time. However, Misato is determined to not give up as she believes that he is only being abrasive since he's shy. When she isn't fantasizing about Kyo, she has fun with the rest of the class exploring the wonders of the city. She tends to lean towards liking popular idols and other glamorous entertainment stands to enjoy. For example, when Haohmaru and Genjuro Kibagami visit the tourists, Misato will want to be like the children around them and get hugs from the stars. If the protagonist is nice to her during the trip, she dubs him a true "gentleman" and see him as a reliable person.

On the last day, Misato is bummed that Kyo still hasn't returned her feelings. She's embarrassed when the protagonist asks her to spend the day with him since she was hoping to do so with Kyo. Though she agrees, she spends their time at the shrine moping at how her charms haven't worked. To solve her dilemma, the protagonist offers to call Kyo over so she just can confess her feelings. Although she panics, she gathers the courage to carry out her wish. Kyo privately takes her away from the protagonist and rejects her out right. Rather than feel bad about it, Misato at first acts positive since she was able to tell Kyo how she felt. Afterwards, she throws away the amulet she had to improve her chances with her crush and cheerfully says goodbye. When the protagonist tells her to be more honest with herself, she breaks down and cries.

When the protagonist confesses his feelings for Misato, he surprises her when he says that he doesn't like "Misato" but her younger twin sister who is posing as her. He realized that they swapped places during the field trip and began to like the sister's pure character. Misato's sister then admits that she had feelings for Kyo before the two schools went on their field trip. She was lost on her way home and he offered her a ride on his motorcycle to guide her safely back to her home. Although the protagonist knows that he can't be a replacement for Kyo, he wants to date Misato's sister and have her someday accept him as her lover. Since she likes his support and feels his presence gives her the strength to move on, Misato's sister cheerfully accepts. She also tells him her real name: Haruka.


Energetic and heavily immersed in otaku culture, Misato is a girl who is unintentionally misunderstood by many of her classmates. Although she means well, she playfully labels Leona a tsundere and is surprised when Angel doesn't know what the term means. She sees the world through rose-tinted glasses, thinking that everything is like a video game or romance movie. Naturally clumsy, she trips while she walks and falls on a daily occurrence. She is nervous when people stare at her face for too long and is embarrassed when she's complimented on her looks. A girl with otherwise simple desires, she is a good natured and talkative classmate. To keep her energy up, she has a huge appetite and can eat at least three servings of beef bowls in one sitting.


  • Rising Heart in Love - Days of Memories

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