Miina Tominaga (冨永 みーな, Tominaga Miina, born April 3, 1966 in Nishi-ku, Hiroshima) is a Japanese tarento, actor, narrator and voice actor currently affiliated with the Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society. Her real name is Yoshiko Masumoto (増本 美子, Masumoto Yoshiko) and she is married to Shoichiro Masumoto. She apparently changed to use her current stage name due to a reading she received from a fortune teller during her elementary school years. Her blood type is O and she is 162 cm tall.

When Tominaga was 5 her mother brought her to a movie audition which led to Tominaga's actor debut in 1971 as Yuko in Koi no iru mura. From there she began work as a child actor in various TV dramas and commercials. Her voice actor debut was in 1975 as Carrie Ingalls for the Japanese dub of Little House on the Prairie.

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