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  • I just wanna say you guys have gotten Andy’s profile wrong. Andy is only in love with Mai in the anime films and in KOF 13-14. Cuz his character was retconedin KOF 13. In previous KOF games he never displayed any ounce of feelings towards Mai. Especially Fatal Fury. In no canon in-game events of Fatal Fury games has he ever been in love with Mai. In fact it’s pretty clear that it’s one-sided with Mai. I mean in most lore in Fatal Fury, Andy sees Mai as more of a sister and were both raised and trained by her grandfather who Andy has much respect for. You guys never acknowledge that Andy considers Mai to be a sister in Fatal Fury. In fact you never acknowledge that Fatal Fury and KOF are separate canons. I feel that this profile needs re-work. Plus you guys never gave any official links or sources indicating your claim that Andy has had feelings. I feel this was more speculation than fact. I mean it’s clear in the Fatal Fury series, he only sees Mai as a sister and is often times oblivious to Mai’s advances. And not once in that series has he ever felt any romantic feelings towards her. Just because he eventually has feelings for her in KOF 14 doesn’t mean that in the Fatal Fury series, it’s the same. 😂 Fatal Fury’s Andy is different from KOF’s Andy. Plus in Garou: Mark Of The Wolves, Andy is no longer living at the village and was training Hokutomaru alone. He was living in a log cabin in a secluded area in the mountains. He literally left to live on his own and move on with his own life. Plus the developer of the game states, “Mai is still looking for Andy. But she is out of luck by this point” indicating Andy left for a reason and doesn’t want Mai to find him. And she most likely never will. Just saying you guys should edit or at least update Andy’s profile. Same with Mai’s. Andy is not Mai’s lover in Fatal Fury. And Andy never loved her that way. Only in KOF 14. That’s all. Just trying to help correct your facts. Maybe you should have that profile edited and acknowledge the fact that Fatal Fury’s Andy is different from KOF Andy.

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