Masashi Sawatari (猿渡 雅史, Sawatari Masashi) is a writer, editor, tournament judge, and commenter for video game magazines. He previously worked for Gamest and migrated over to Arcadia when the former magazine ended. He is one of the most publicized staff members for either magazine due to his twenty years of experience interviewing and reporting on the video game industry. His visual trademark is his bushy and frayed hair.

Although he extensively covers other games, he is often asked by SNK Playmore to talk about the company's history. He believes that the company had a certain charm that is hard to replicate; in his eyes, the company still has a long way to go.

Media Appearances

  • various Gamest mooks issues - producer, editor, writer
  • various Arcadia mooks and issues - producer, editor, writer
  • SNK no Subete DVD - interviewed
  • July 2007 SNK Playmore Fan Event - talk show event
  • CEDEC 2006 Developers Conference - present
  • Famitsu Game Hakusho - editorial column
  • Amusement Journal 2009 - editorial column
  • Arcadia Super Battle Opera '07 - interviewed as the producer
  • Arcadia Super Battle Opera '08 - present as the producer
  • Arcadia Super Battle Opera '09 - present

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