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Mars People (マーズピープル) are characters in the Metal Slug series of run and gun games. Mars People also appeared in the fighting games SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.


The Mars People are the inhabitants of Mars and they have been hiding from us in the underground of the planet. They have been secretly planning to invade and conquer the Earth. By the time of Metal Slug 2, General Morden was trying to contact the Mars People and made a pact with them. They helped him try to conquer Earth and they would rule it together. But then, the Mars People betrayed Morden and tried to destroy the Peregrine Falcon group and then conquer Earth. They failed and returned to Mars.

By the time of Metal Slug 3, they returned and abducted General Morden AND one of the Peregrine Falcons, who they wanted to use as a blueprint for a clone army. The Falcons and Morden's army frustrated their plans once again.

In Metal Slug 6, the Mars People joined the Peregrine Falcons to defeat another alien species that feed on the Martians.

The Mars People also appeared in SVC Chaos and in NGBC. In SVC, they were planning to conquer Earth once again, but the Peregrine Falcons stopped them. In NGBC, one of them got stranded on Earth and became a waiter in Osaka. WAREZ then invited him to the tournament, promising him a return to Mars as the prize.


The personality of these baddies is almost impossible to read since they have a completely different culture than our own. But, what can be determined is that they are quite ruthless. Having said that, they are not stupid, and will ally with humans if they face a threat too great to handle themselves.


  • Martian Physiology - The martians physiology is completely different from ours. They are squid-like beings with several tentacles in the place of legs and arms. Their physiology makes them extremely agile and acrobatic. They can perform high-jumps and contortions. They are probably stronger than humans.
  • Explosive Teleportation - They can teleport themselves by exploding their bodies and appearing somewhere else.

Fighting Style

Their fighting style is extremely unorthodox since they use their tentacles, laser guns and even call other martians and UFOs.

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