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Magical Drop III (マジカルドロップ3) is a competitive matching puzzle game, released by Data East in 1997 for the Neo Geo and later ported to other platforms. It is the third tile in the Magical Drop series and Data East's last Arcade game.


Magical Drop III features similar gameplay to its predecessors with only small tweaks. The player can choose between 16 initial characters and 6 secret characters unlockable through a code, for a total of 22 playable characters covering the full set of high arcana Tarot cards.

The Story and Puzzle modes from the previous title return, while the Flash mode is replaced by the new Adventure mode, which works like a board game where the player must reach the end goal before the rival characters. Each space in the board features a different even, while landing on a space occupied by a rival piece will trigger a vs match between the two characters. This mode is omitted in the western version of the game, along with all voiceovers and unique endings from the Story mode.

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