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Magical Drop II (マジカルドロップ2) is a competitive matching puzzle game, released by Data East in 1996 for the Neo Geo and later ported to other platforms. It is the second tile in Data East's Magical Drop series.


Magical Drop II features similar gameplay to its predecessor, with the player controlling a jester at the bottom of the play field who can pull and hold the colored drops which constantly appear at the top of the screen, which can then be thrown back. Whenever the player matches three drops of the same color they are destroyed, with the main objective being to create chain reactions of matching drops, thus causing more drops to be sent to the adversary's field. The player which lets the drops reach the bottom of his field loses. The player can choose between seven initial characters, with three more being unlockable. Each character has its own attack method, sending in rows of drops to the opponent in different patterns.

Players can choose between three different modes: Story Mode, which is the main gameplay mode, Puzzle Mode, which is a single player survival mode, and Flash Mode, which is a time attack with preset fields. Notably, the western version of the game completely omits Flash Mode, as well as removing all voiceovers and unique endings.

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