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* "Work hard to get ready for the next time."
* "Work hard to get ready for the next time."
* "Just plunging straight in will never work."
* "Just plunging straight in will never work."
* "The more I look at it, the more embarassing that loss seems..."
* "You were knocked down too fast… If you don’t last longer, I can’t enjoy myself."
* "You were knocked down too fast… If you don’t last longer, I can’t enjoy myself."
* "That was a hard battle… My body’s all hot."
* "That was a hard battle… My body’s all hot."
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* "Your movements are so monotonous, people will hate you."
* "Your movements are so monotonous, people will hate you."
* "...Disgraceful."
* "...Disgraceful."
====Specific Win Quotes====
====Specific Win Quotes====
* "Even with those fast and confusing moves, I’ll wrap my legs around you." (vs. Andy)
* "Even with those fast and confusing moves, I’ll wrap my legs around you." (vs. Andy)

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Here is a list of quotes for Luong.

The King of Fighters XIVEdit

Character Select Edit

Japanese English Translation
"Saa, hajime mashou." "Alright, let's begin."
"Watashio manzoku sa se dene." "I'm feeling satisfied, yes?"

In Battle Edit

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
"Watashi no subete, misete ageru." "I'll show you, everything I have." Intro
"Nigasenai." "You can't escape."
"Dou?" "How's that?"
"Sore!" "There!"
"Kowaii na tangeru wa!" "I'll take this in an instant!" Ben
"Zonbun yajiwa dene?" "Do you feel scared?" Ben
"Domo, manzoku shitana." "Thanks, I'm satisfied." Ben
"Nante ne." "Just kidding."
"Yaru na ne!" "Not bad!"
"Matte, dame yo." "Wait, you can't do that."
"Sore ga zenryoku kashira?" "Is that all that you have?" Round Win
"Anata ja tarinai wa." "You don't suffice at all." Round Win

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Benimaru Nikaido

Benimaru: "You're amazingly hot, mademoiselle. Just having you grace this competition is already too much."
Luong: "Thanks. I know all about you, electric boy."
Benimaru: "That you are aware of me is too great an honor..."
Luong: "Are you going to give me a real shock?"
Benimaru: "As you wish."

Kim Kaphwan

Luong: "Hehehe, Kim, why are you making that scary face?"
Kim: "I-I'd like you to stop that seductive tone."
Luong: "It's alright, isn't it? We're so close after all."
Kim: "Stop with that creepy talk! I have a wife and kids and students and so much more!"
Luong: "You're so cold. But that's just the wonderful Kim I like."


Luong: "Oh, it's you. That powerful luchador who announces his love for married women."
Ramon: "Aw c'mon, don't suddenly come out and say things that will cause a misunderstanding. What's with you?! You're gorgeous! This will make our fight much more worthwhile!"
Luong: "Hehehe. Then catch me if you can."

Win Quotes Edit

Generic Win QuotesEdit

  • "It looks like you’ve got some uses… But not enough for me."
  • "Work hard to get ready for the next time."
  • "Just plunging straight in will never work."
  • "The more I look at it, the more embarassing that loss seems..."
  • "You were knocked down too fast… If you don’t last longer, I can’t enjoy myself."
  • "That was a hard battle… My body’s all hot."
  • "You were awfully weak. Did you take it easy on me?"
  • "So… Did you have sweet dreams?"
  • "You tried very hard, so you deserve praise for that."
  • "I’m looking forward to our next match."
  • "There are so many skilled people in this competition, it’s fun."
  • "I guess you just can’t satisfy me."
  • "You’re quite the technician. That was very stimulating."
  • "Work on your technique some more. If you do that, I’ll take you on again."
  • "The more I look at it, the more embarrassing that loss seems..."
  • "You got me so excited. You’re amazing!"
  • "You don’t need to get up. You’re a boring opponent."
  • "Your face looks like you gave it your all. You really were amazing, I’ll give you that."
  • "Hehe… Thank you!"
  • "Well, well, you’ve got some fight left in you."
  • "You’ve got talent; why don’t you try Tae Kwon Do? I’ll teach you everything I know."
  • "Sometimes giving up is crucial."
  • "You look like you’re having a good night."
  • "You’re pretty good. You made me try my best."
  • "Your movements are so monotonous, people will hate you."
  • "...Disgraceful."

Specific Win QuotesEdit

  • "Even with those fast and confusing moves, I’ll wrap my legs around you." (vs. Andy)
  • "Is that healthy body and fancy belt just for decoration, Mr. Champion?" (vs. Antonov)
  • "Looks like you’re all talk… You cooled down right away. Such a pitiful man." (vs. Benimaru)
  • "Kim was worried… Now, go on home. There’s meat waiting for you." (vs. Chang)
  • "Just having nimble fingers isn’t enough… Now, let Kim train you up one more time." (vs. Choi)
  • "You weren’t distracted at all by my charms… Impressive, soldier boy!" (vs. Clark)
  • "You can fight harder against me. You don’t want to look bad in front of your apprentices." (vs. Gang-il)
  • "Young guys are great because they have so much energy. See, you’re good to go again, right?" (vs. Kensou)
  • "You don’t have to take it easy just because I’m your master’s lover." (vs. Kim)
  • "Those are some good kicks. But as far as beautiful legs go, I win by a mile." (vs. King)
  • "Now, show me the face hiding under that hood, come on!" (vs. Kukri)
  • "I hear you’re an Air Pirate. You must also be an expert at stealing men’s hearts." (vs. Love)
  • "You can't push, sometimes you have to tease, little girl." (vs. Mai)
  • "Listening to your laugh tires me out… Is that part of your strategy?" (vs. Mature)
  • "You look like you’re more fun to cuddle than that pillow." (vs. Meitenkun)
  • "I almost got eaten there, by a tiger who likes married women… Hehe!" (vs. Ramon)
  • "You’re quite the dandy. You also know how to take it." (vs. Robert)
  • "Just keeping up appearances is no good, with nothing inside… Mr. Monster." (vs. Verse)
  • "I prefer to be dominant. I don't like being tied up." (vs. Whip)
  • "You stole Kim’s apprentices, and that calls for a harsh punishment." (vs. Xanadu)
  • "Your skin is so beautiful it makes me jealous. Is that another nature-based technique?" (vs. Zarina)

SNK Heroines: Tag Team FrenzyEdit

Intro QuoteEdit

  • You can't handle the likes of me. Go sit down over there."

In Battle (Voice Set 1)Edit

Japanese English translation
おいで Oide Come
やめて! Yamete! Stop!
がっかり だ わ! Gakkarida wa! I'm disappointed!
御免なさい Gomen'nasai I'm sorry
いけ ない とね Ikenaito ne In any case
動かないで Ugokanai de Don't move
だめ~ Dame~ No~

In Battle (Voice Set 2)Edit

Japanese English translation
はじめる わ よ Hajimeru wa yo I will begin
こっち よ! Kocchi yo! Over here!
ふっふふ...さよなら Fuffu fu... Sayonara Heh he ... goodbye
ごめん に Gomen ni Sorry
これ わ どう?Kore wa dō? How is this?
ここ よ Koko yo Here
落とすわ Otosu wa I will drop it

Prologue ScenesEdit

Athena Asamiya

Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Luong: "Hmmmm..."
Kukri: "Hmph! I-I have had enough of you arrogant seductresses!"
Athena: "Who's there?"
Luong: "Oh no... What a horrible look. This is just terrible."
Kukri: "You have me to thank for all of your fashion coordination! Show some gratitude!"
Luong: "Show yourself, please~ I have a special present for you..."


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Win Quotes (Normal Voice)Edit

  • "You know how Kensou feels about you, right? How long do you plan to make him wait? Don't you feel sorry for him?" (vs. Athena)
  • "If you're hoping to copy me, it's more than just appearance. Without my strenght and skills, you are nothing but a cheap knock-off." (vs. Herself)
  • "I've grown tired of your games. Time for you to be unmasked and humiliated." (vs. Kukri)
  • "You need just stay out of sight, child. I will come back for you when this is all over." (vs. Kula)
  • "That outfit is quite different from your normal look... However, it does look great on you." (vs. Leona)
  • "You're useless without your ship and crew, aren't you?" (vs. Love)
  • "You're the type who tirelessy pursues your love interests, aren't you? You keep that up and he will tire of you and run away..." (vs. Mai)
  • "The host of this ridiculous event is your teammate, right? Can you please ask him to put an end to this farce?" (vs. Mian)
  • "Even in this dreary place, you're still full of energy. Just watching you makes me tired..." (vs. Mui Mui)
  • "You should really learn to relax a little. If you keep up like this, you will never able to attain your goal." (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "I can sense a mysterious power within you... Something that none of other girls have... Is it because of this place?" (vs. Shermie)
  • "Your usual outfit is so crazy this new one almost seems normal in comparison..." (vs. Sylvie)
  • "It's too bad I don't have a camera or my phone. I would have loved to see how Kim would react to this new look of yours... " (vs. Terry)
  • "Kim always had high praise for Kyokugenryu, but I must say I wasn't very impressed." (vs. Yuri)
  • "The way you use samba in your fighting is something special. Once we are out of here, would you mind teaching me some of your moves?" (vs. Zarina)

Win Quotes (Customization Mode - Voice Set 1)Edit

  • "You should save a picture of yourself in that outfit for Kensou! I'm sure he would love it~ ♪" (vs. Athena)
  • "I knew I was beautiful, but I never realized I looked that good while fighting." (vs. Herself)
  • "Hmm... If only I had met you before Kim... Hahahaha! Did you actually believe me? ♪ As if you could replace my precious Kim!" (vs. Kukri)
  • "Why don't you just take a nap and dream of ice cream, or whatever." (vs. Kula)
  • "From now on, maybe you should make that your uniform? I think it would boost morale among the troops! ♪" (vs. Leona)
  • "I know it must be tough to be fling around different worlds, but you should still try." (vs. Love)
  • "That fire of yours has me all hot and bothered~ ♪ Ah, mind if I borrow one of those fans from you? I know you've got plenty of them stashed away!" (vs. Mai)
  • "I bet your shows would make a lot more money if you performed in an outfit like that going forward." (vs. Mian)
  • "If you don't change those eating habits of yours, that delicate figure will end up looking like a panda." (vs. Mui Mui)
  • "Maybe I should have went easier on you? I mean you're an old lady over 200 years old!" (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "I'm sure there are plenty of guys who like that style of yours, but you should be careful... One wrong step and their opinion may change." (vs. Shermie)
  • "Your teammate really could do well to learn some manners..." (vs. Sylvie)
  • "You had a great base to build from, but even I have to admit this new look surpasses even my exceptations. Why don't you just stay like this forever? I think you'd like it..." (vs. Terry)
  • "You need to work on your skills or you are going to continue getting kidnapped like this for the rest of your life!" (vs. Yuri)
  • "It must be nice to be so young and full of energy. You're making me jealous!" (vs. Zarina)

Win Quotes (Customization Mode - Voice Set 2)Edit

  • "You really do look fabulous in any outfit. In fact, it's almost like it was tailor-made for you..." (vs. Athena)
  • "It's not as much as I thought it would be, fighting against myself." (vs. Herself)
  • "Now, I can finally return back to the real world. I can't wait to into Kim's arms..." (vs. Kukri)
  • "I have to admit that I am jealous of that beautiful skin of yours~" (vs. Kula)
  • "You've allllwaaaays got a serious look on your face. Why not try smiling every once in a while?" (vs. Leona)
  • "You've got someone special back in your world, don't you? Next time, I want you to share all the juicy details." (vs. Love)
  • "You're the acrobatic type, aren't you? You were jumping and flying all over the place! Well, I will make sure to save you when this is all over." (vs. Mai)
  • "Wow! You had quite a beautiful face hiding behind that mask, didn't you? So cute~ ♪" (vs. Mian)
  • "You can't just rush in without thinking!" (vs. Mui Mui)
  • "You look fabulous in that new outfit~ ♪" (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "You aren't not a problem so as long as I don't you get close." (vs. Shermie)
  • "Even stuck in a dire situation like this, you manage to stay carefree, don't you?" (vs. Sylvie)
  • "Now that you are a lady, you must work on your mannerisms. I can tutor you in the art of seduction, if you'd like..." (vs. Terry)
  • "Maybe it would be best if you trained with your father again? You still have a lot to learn from him." (vs. Yuri)
  • "You have really great skin. You must tell me your secret!" (vs. Zarina)

Win Quotes (Customization Mode - Voice Set 3)Edit

  • "You refuse to accept other's feelings or even make you own known, but still manage to have everyone fall for you. What a nasty girl!" (vs. Athena)
  • "I don't care about who gets in my way. They will never be able to stop me from returning to my dear Kim." (vs. Herself)
  • "It's time to put an end to this game of yours and send us home. If you don't, be prepared to face my extra-strict punishment..." (vs. Kukri)
  • "This is what happens when you try to play with adults. Children should know their place." (vs. Kula)
  • "You aren't going to make excuses about how this new outfit threw your game off right? I hope not since you are supposed to be a pro." (vs. Leona)
  • "Do you really believe you can actually protect anything with that level of skill?" (vs. Love)
  • "You really haven't changed a bit, have you? I can just imagine what it's like between you and that Koppo-ken user~ ♪" (vs. Mai)
  • "I wonder... What would be left of you if we took away your opera? ♪" (vs. Mian)
  • "What happened to that feistiness from a moment ago? Boring~" (vs. Mui Mui)
  • "Well, that was a disappointment. Maybe you should bring some bears and wolves along with that hawk of yours next time?" (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "Have you considered going on a diet? In your current state, you will never be able to keep up with me." (vs. Shermie)
  • "You know those silly baby noises you constantly blurt out aren't cutie, right? Ahh, now I have a migraine..." (vs. Sylvie)
  • "It doesn't matter what body you're in. The only thing that matters today is that Terry Bogard lost." (vs. Terry)
  • "You're lucky this match happened here. What would your father think if he saw you lose in such a spectacular fashion?" (vs. Yuri)
  • "All you have going for you is youthful exuberance." (vs. Zarina)

Win Quotes (DLC Characters)Edit

  • "You were no match from me. Just sit back on the sidelines until this is over."
  • "Well, that was a huge disappointment..."
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