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Luise Meyrink (ルイーゼ・マイリンク) is a character from the KOF: Maximum Impact series. She debut as a common sub-boss in KOF: Maximum Impact 2; in most scenarios, she will be the last obstacle before the last boss.

She is voiced by Hiroko Tsuji and Katrin Biemann.


Her in-game information is unique in that her profile and storyline were written to be deliberately different from one another. Her character role is to serve as the "older sister with years of experience" as well as the median between both Meira brothers.


With an extreme love for her people, Luise is very proud of her Zoan identity. She wishes to destroy Jivatma, not for revenge, but for knowing that if he is kept alive, he will kill even more. She starts to relate with the Meira brothers and becomes a mediator between them.


  • Sense - Luise has an extremely acute 6th sense, maybe native to her race.
  • Levitation - Luise is always seen floating in battle.
  • Flight - Luise can also fly. She can also carry others while flying
  • Teleport - Luise can teleport herself and others, seemingly without effort.
  • Energy Projectile - Luise can project bursts of energy with her hands.
  • Energy Attacks - Luise can infuse her hand strikes with energy.
  • Energy Reflector - Luise can create a shield of energy that reflects projectiles.
  • Energy Beam Sword - Luise can create a giant beam in her hands, that moves accordingly with her.
  • Energy Beam - Luise can fire a beam of energy with her entire body.
  • Immortality - Luise was said to have lived for hundreds of years, and said she'd wait thousands until humanity would be ready to know of her alien existence.

Fighting Style

Throughout the game, Luise shows that she is obviously not human, as she can teleport herself and others, float, project bursts of energy, and dash in different directions several times in the air. Luise is considered difficult to use, but can still be an effective fighter.


  • Mozukusu in the Mosque - KOF: Maximum Impact 2
  • Fairy (Chizuru Kagura's Theme) - KOF: Maximum Impact 2 (Neo Geo Land Stage)
  • Aimless Space Butterfly - Days of Memories (Junpaku no Tenshitachi)
  • Galaxy Aria - Days of Memories (Junpaku no Tenshitachi)
  • There's a Semi-Sale in that Forest - KOF: Maximum Impact 2






  • Both of her designs follow a butterfly motif, specifically after the Morpho butterfly.
  • Luise's fighting style, "Schmetterling", is German for "butterfly".


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