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This is a list of baddies (or enemies) found in the Metal Slug game series.


Rebel soldier in green (Normal Rebel soldier)


Member of Morden's army. This is the normal soldier and most common baddie of the game. They are responsible for a great amount of the game's comic relief. They can use pistols, machine guns, shields, knives, grenades and can pilot many vehicles.

Rebel soldier in yellow (Rebel special force)


These soldiers are often a bigger threat to the player than their green counterparts. This baddie will drop an item every time they lose them life.

Rebel soldier in white (Rebel soldier in snow area)


Common soldiers trained to fight in the snow. They use white clothing to camouflage.

Amadeus soldier in hazmat suit


This baddie was trained to fight in areas that are infested with zombies. They use hazmat suits to protect themself of zombie attacks. They often carries with them a cursed rolling mine that spawn mummies upon explosion.

Amadeus soldier


The soldier of the Amadeus syndicate. they are very well trained and has a lot of skill with weapons.



A group of frogmen in Morden's army. They lurk underwater, waiting for their enemies to attack. There are two kinds of frogmen: the first one is equipped with a missile and throws it at his enemy. The second one is a group of kamikaze that blows themselves when they are in near their enemy.

Arabian soldiers


An army of Arabian terrorists allied with Morden. They don't use any fire weapons, relying on their swords to fight.



A group of modern day-pirates that allied themselves with Amadeus. Much like the Arabian soldiers, they use only swords while fighting.

Scientist (Researcher)


Scientists who work for Amadeus and were forced to fight.

Ptolemaic guerrilla


The Ptolemaic Army that the player fights in Metal Slug 5 and most common baddie in MS5. Ther're better trained than the Rebel soldiers and them mission are to bring Scyther to this world.

Ptolemaic special force


The Ptolemaic Special Soldier is trained in several types of combat. They attack enemies mainly with sneaky attacks, but will also fight them head on if necessary.

Ptolemaic commander


High-rank officers in the Ptolemaic Army. They haves more armor than average soldiers and is only vulnerable near the end of the game.

Ptolemaic mask soldier


The leader of the Ptolemaic Army. They are the follower of Scyther, and try to bring it to our world. They are probably empowered by Scyther's power, since they can apparently revive themself after they are killed.



A tribe of Pacific natives that act a lot like Mudman. They attack with spears and axes.

Combat Vehicles

Type-2 Di-Cokka

Type-2 Di-Cokka

The original design of this tank was from the Regular Army's Sand Simon main battle tank, which was stolen by Rebellion spies for their use.

The engineers made their variant more compact, and replaced the two guns from the original variant with a single 155mm smoothbore gun which fired its ammunition at a high velocity. But it is suspected that the turret had to remain stationary since the new cannon was too heavy.

With its production cost reduced, the Rebel army was able to produce many of these, and they remain the most produced tank by the Rebels till now. Even when the Rebels had to create the tank's main gun in very limited conditions, it still retained its high quality, which made it highly capable of being mass produced.

Type-3 Bull Chan

Type-3 Bull Chan

The Rebel tacticians thought that the Regular Army could attack them from more rugged terrains and decided to make a vehicle specially designed to counter it. The Bull Chan was specifically designed to cross rugged terrain and climb hills, with very high ground clearance and wide tracks, and attack the enemy from high hilltops and mountains, making them perfect for ambushing enemies in mountainous terrains.

However, they did not have much protection from aircraft, so the designers reinforced its top armor and partially camouflaged the vehicle as a big boulder. This did not offer much invisibility to the enemy ground troops nearby, but it made it nearly impossible to be detected on regular spy satellites and reconnaissance aircraft.

Type-4 Girida-O

Type-4 Girida-O

The Rebellion required a main battle tank that had a good range of mission profile, with balance between firepower, mobility and survivability. They already knew that the Regular Army was working on such a vehicle, the SV-001, and the Girida-O came out to be its closest counterpart.

Its compactness enables it to travel at high speed, while its rifled main gun offers enough firepower to deal with almost any threat.

During the design phase, the designers decided to utilize AI instead of making it manned. The result was that the tank was able to operate even under a very harsh environment where no manned vehicle could ever dare to attempt. The AI has left more to be desired, however, as it is prone to making IFF mistakes and frequently run over friendly soldiers.

Type-5 Iron Iso

Type-5 Iron Iso

This vehicle was mainly designed for defensive purposes. Its cannon can demolish both friendly and foe alike, and its armor is thick enough to make the both 12.6mm Vulcan rounds and 127mm cannon munitions from SV-001 bounce off without doing much damage.

However, due to its high cost and complexity to build them never allowed them to be mass produced and widely used in the field.




They are the Rebellion's main single-seater heavy attack helicopters designed to provide additional firepower for armored fighting vehicles on the ground. Although the gattling-style cannon came equipped to the aircraft, most pilots prefer not to use them.

The pilots often carried letters in their pockets that people have requested them to deliver to a specific person when they spot them, which explains why letter envelopes fall out of them when you blow them up. Most letters were meant to be delivered to the senders' lovers.

MH-6J Masknell

MH-6J Masknell

The MH-6J Masknell are light utility helicopters used by the Rebels.

Since its first introduction in Vietnam War, it has spawned many different variants ranging from MD-500/530, H-6, AH-6, OH-6 and MH-6. The Littlebirds are fast, cheap and reliable and carry varieties of weapons, from anti-tank missiles to miniguns. They usually work in packs in the game, so watch out for them.

Flying Tara

Flying Tara

Flying Tara is the result of need for a fighter with ground attack capability. As a single-seater fighter-bomber, it makes up most of the Rebellion's air force. They are fast and fairly maneuverable, but are weak against anti-aircraft fire.

Naval Vessels

Jet Hammer-Yang

Jet Hammer-Yang

These are simple speedboats with small cruise missiles attached to their sides. Although the crew is left unprotected, their incredible agility makes them fairly hard targets to deal with.



The Ronbertburg city is called "Town Descended by Water God." The town is loved by the tourists around the world, and has many passenger boats to ferry them around.

These boats were originally tourists boats used to ferry civilians around. They were captured by the Rebellion and converted into military use. They are cheap, but are fairly sturdy and can carry a lot of passengers. There is a saying in the Regular Army, “Whenever you see a Hammer-Yang, always assume that there are at least 30 enemies inside.”


Patrol Robot

Patrol Robot

The Patrol Robots serve as simple defense drones for key Rebellion facilities on the lower levels. Their heavy armor plating makes them impervious to small-arms fire, but their lens port that they use to fire their lasers are still vulnerable.

Supervisory Camera

Supervisory Camera

Armed with machine guns, these static defensive systems will automatically fire upon any intruders who happens to cross their line-of-fire.

LV Armor

Lv armor

The Rebellion Army was impressed by Slugnoid's ability to jump, so they made one of their own. This light suit of armor protects the soldiers inside from enemy fire, but some heavier weapons can pentrate through the windshield, sometimes killing the soldier inside and allow someone else to commandeer the vehicle.

The main advantage is that it can jump twice. The first stage of the jump is done by using its legs, while the second stage can be accomplished using the rocket booster mounted at rear. Rebellion troops with specialized training are seen to be able to continuously use the booster and stay in the air almost indefinitely.

Although the limited ammunition is a concern, its ability to swap the weapons is another bonus.

Morden robot

Morden robot

Cyborgs shaped in the image of General Morden by Amadeus. he uses a bazooka and when the player shoot his skin off, he will try to self-destruct near the player.

Sensor mine


These naval mines can detect any enemies nearby with their magnetic sensors and can guide themselves to the target and detonate on impact.

Support Vehicles

Nop-03 Sarubia

Nop-03 Sarubia

This tank was designed to hamper enemy troop movements by deploying rolling mines, making them unable to shoot back at it or its friendly forces while they dodge and jump out of the mines' way.

The rolling mines are slow but deadly. Its sole purpose is to make you busy trying to avoid them so that other troops can kill you easily. The main weakness of this vehicle lies on the fact that it has no anti-aircraft defense whatsoever.

T-2B Melty Honey

T-2B Melty Honey

It's armor and armament was focused into the front of the chassis. The main weakness of this vehicle was that the pilot was exposed to enemy fire during the combat. However, without all the contraptions such as armor platings, it was able to gain more speed and acceleration, which is one of the main reasons why the Rebellion continues to build and use these things.

Most of the critical components like transmission shares the same design as the ones used in Di-Cokka, which allowed the Melty Honey to be mass produced easily alongside the Di-Cokka.

3-ton Utility Truck

3-ton Utility Truck

Don't confuse this with Landseeks, it can only carry around troops. It is mainly served as a cheaper way to transport massive amount of troops than the Landseek.



This is used primarily for troop transportation, but it has enough torque to hitch other heavier vehicles. They are not much armored, and are is easy to take it out.



One thing the Rebels also lacked besides artillery units were quick-strike vehicles to annoy their enemy tanks with and use as troop transports. The Landseek and 3-ton truck were quick enough, but they need something that could carry a weapon. This lead to the production of the MV-280 series.

The A-variant, which is unarmed, mainly serves as transport and Command Post, while the B-variant carries rockets to engage and harass slow moving tanks.


M-3 Rocket Launch Support Van

&nbsp The M-3 platform is used to bombard an area with several volleys of rockets, and then deploy infantry to mop up any remains of the area.

Double-decker bus


While non-combatant, the Double-decker is captured by the Rebels and used as a roadblock to stop enemy troops. It's very tall, making it impossible for the Tank Slug or the Slug Noid to jump over them.

Dararin Dara Dara


Used primarily by the Rebellion engineers to assist in construction and maintenance, these are built on Girida-O chassis. They are also used to drop suppies on the enemy.

Animals and Monsters



This is what happens when you test nuclear weapons on a beachhead; Mutated creatures. Chowmein-Conga is fairly armored, and can withstand few rounds before going down. They can also engage in limited ranged attack with their toxic bubbles.



These are the bigger brothers of Chowmein-Conga. They have enough armor to par with couple of Girida-O's without a problem. However, they are quite weak against fast moving opponents.

Giant Eel

Giant eel

Electric eels that were mutated with the nuclear tests on the sea. They became giant predadors of the sea, eating giant jellyfishes (they are apparently immune to electricity). The giant eels were tamed by Morden and given names such as "Jenny" "Barbie" "Helen" "Linda". They live in giant underwater caves that look like doghouses.



Jellyfishes that attack the player with electricity. There are giant cousins of these creatures that serve as food for the giant eels.

Large jellyfish

Jellyfish large

Large jellyfishes that attack the player with electricity. When killed, they split into four small jellyfishes.



The Man-Eater is the result of an accident when the Rebellions have released their toxic chemicals on plants. While being a plant, their ability to move like animals and consume living organisms make them very deadly foes. Some specimens of this baddie release deadly spores when killed.

Yeti (also known as sasquatch)


Usually present in areas where it is cold and devoid of human presense, these creatures will attack anything that might seem as threat to them. This baddie is a cunning creature, first attacking with its freezing breath, than using bones as weapons to defeat its enemies.



Embalmed and mummified undeads from Egypt. These slow baddies are deadly due to their mummifying breath. A few of them can release a mummifying bomb and scarab.

Mummy dog


Dogs who were also embalmed and mummified. They are faster than ordinary mummies, and can hop. Their breath is ring-shaped but is NOT crossable trough



There are some harmless bats in Metal Slug, but there are mischievous bats that drop a jar containing a mummifying liquid or acid liquid on the head of the player. Some of them even carries bomb for massive damage.&nbsp


The offspring of Giant Maggot, these creatures should not be taken lightly. They can engulf themselves with a powerful acid that can kill any human being.

Giant Caterpillar

An mutanted maggot that live underground. They are territorial creatures, attacking anyone who invades its nest. They can extend it's "tongue" to spit the acid bubble. Once the "tongue" is destroyed, it will try to trample its opponents. When it dies, it leaves a ton of maggots or food from its insides.

Big snail


Another type of mutated creatures that live undergound. These giant snail can vomit acid in her opponent and their shells can be compared to the armor of tanks. Their shells can also explode.



Human beings affected by a virus that transform them into undead creatures. They can vomit a zombie-transforming liquid and their own acid-like blood.

Giant Squid


Giant squids that attack the player with their heads.

Mutant soldier


Mutated human beings. They were targets of experiments by Morden's army. They crawl in all fours, can climb walls and will attack the enemy by exploding themselves near him or her.

Flying Killer


Carnivorous fish. They got their name, "Flying Killer", because they can actually fly over water for a short period of time in order to hunt their food. The name of this baddie is based on the name of a Thomas and Friends episode called The Flying Kipper.

Huge Locust


Another result of the chemical mutation and nuclear test made on Dr. Moreau Island, the Huge Locusts will snap up any unsuspecting prey and feast on them ruthlessly.


Mars People

Main article: Mars People

Ring laser mecha


The Ring Laser Mecha is a robotic unit controlled by an organic brain. Their weapon consists of a deadly laser beam which can form up a ring-like appearance.

However, due to the fact that the brain is not connected to the mechanized part of the unit, they are quite slow to respond to attacks and maneuver clear of them. Hit 'em fast and watch their brain splatter all over the place.

Hopper mecha


The Hopper Mechas are small robots equipped with explosive charge that is used to kill the enemy in a suicide attack. Although the charges take some time to explode, allowing you to run the heck away before they blow up in your face, the sheer number of that these things come at you will be having you hoping for the fastest pair of cowboy boots in the West.

Mars mecha


The Mars Mechas are gigantic defense robots whose weapon's concept is not very different from the Rebellion's Sarubia and the Regular Army's Drop Shot anti-personnel landmines. While they disrupt the enemy movements, other Martians can safely engage the enemies.

Tiny UFO


There are two main types of Tiny UFO; the one on the right, which is shaped like a Tie Fighter from the Star Wars series, is used for the Rugname's external defense, while the stubby one to the left is designated as the primary internal defense drones within the Rugname. Some of them able to teleport from nowhere.&nbsp



The UFOs are faster than the Mini-UFOs, but they do not pocess the ability to warp themselves. They shoot a beam of LASER, which reaches their target instantly unlike the one fired from the Mini-UFO. However, they require time to charge up before firing, allowing you to get out of the way.



Mini-UFOs are highly mobile, and can spawn out of nowhere and catch you by surprise. While their weapons are slow, many of these appear at the same time. Just don't get too close to this baddie



The Dai-Manji is a bigger version of the Mini-UFOs and has significantly more armor and firepower than Mini-UFOs or UFOs. this baddie can dispatch Mini-UFOs or use its beam of electricity to fight its foe. And even drop carpet of energy cannon. it can also attach itself to the Martian Mothership, which increases its lethality even further. It first appeared as a sub-boss in Metal Slug 2, but in Metal Slug 3 it was revealed that there are more than one of this baddie



There's a point in Metal Slug 3 when the character the player is controlling is abducted by the Mars People. They develop several clones that move and act the exact same way the abducted character does. After the character is released, some of the clones are killed, but some of them are transformed into zombies and can spit blood, like the player does while in zombie form, and can sustains many shot.&nbsp

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