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Here is a list of quotes for Kyoshiro Senryo.

Samurai ShodownEdit

Pre-Battle QuotesEdit

  • "Whoops! So much for an encore. I killed him."
  • "Now in this scene, I rip open your belly."
  • "To face me is to face perfection. Act well." (vs. Himself)

Final QuoteEdit

  • "This is how a real kabuki dances! Woogie woogie wee!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "The curtain draws near. And now, the bloody finale!"
  • "Chasing away my audience!! Idiot!! Face your punishment." (Fatal Finish)
  • "You fool! critic! To the pits of hell, slime!" (Special Finish)
  • "To the fires of hell with you, ham!" (vs. Himself)

Samurai Shodown IIEdit

Pre-Battle QuotesEdit

  • "Go through the beauty of real "kabuki" by your death!"
  • "You can't behave like me even if you imitate my costume." (vs. Himself)


  • "My kabuki spirits'll beat the evil king!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Fight like dance, and win. That's the soul of 'kabuki'!"
  • "What a deplorable "kabuki!" Commit "harakiri"!!" (vs. Himself)

Samurai Shodown IIIEdit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "What a great death scene!"

Samurai Shodown IVEdit

Pre-Battle QuotesEdit

  • "How about a rehearsal before the main show?"
  • "Your soul look speaks of a silly spat ahead!"

Vs. ZankuroEdit


  • "Well now, the players are on stage. Action!"


  • "This demon dance is great! 1-2-3, 1-2-3!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "You'd make a nice prop!" (Bust - Opponent suicide)
  • "Kabuki is humanity's gem!" (Bust Fatality)
  • "Hey! That's not stage blood!" (Bust)
  • "A premature debut,my friend." (Slash - Opponent suicide)
  • "You played a great villain!" (Slash Fatality)
  • "A blast of blood and guts. Yes!" (Slash)

Samurai Shodown VEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "No pride in this victry."
  • "My, what pretty blood you have!" (Perfect)
  • "You can be a swordsman!" (Remaining life: low)

Samurai Shodown V SpecialEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Such a bad omen your parts over" (Remaining life: high)
  • "Death is the final curtain" (Remaining life: low)
  • "A bad actor I'm too pretty" (Remaining life: moderate)

Samurai Shodown VIEdit


  • "Hey, check me out!!! I'm going to perform for you!!!"

Vs. HaohmaruEdit


Haohmaru: "Hey Kyoshiro! It's been a while. How's your sword?"
Kyoshiro: "You look good. Looks like you've been working out."
Haohmaru: "You still acting like a samurai? Wanna see my sword?"
Kyoshiro: "Meet my Kabuki style!! I'm going to dance the crap out of you."


Kyoshiro: "Take some more acting lessons. Your sword isn't convincing!"
Haohmaru: "I can't believe I lost! Oh well, I'll leave the rest to you."
Kyoshiro: "Cool, well, have your people call my people, we'll do lunch!"

Vs. Ocha-MaroEdit


Ocha-Maro: "Wa ha ha. Now it's my turn to dance! Check me out!"
Kyoshiro: "You're the one with a dancing style!"
Ocha-Maro: "I know how to dance! That's right, I've got the moves!"
Kyoshiro: "Come on, I'm gonna dance you all up and down!"


Kyoshiro: "Damn, you are pretty good!"
Ocha-Maro: "Your moves are so fresh! I'm down with your jive!!"
Kyoshiro: "Well, you're not so bad but I'm definitely the better dancer. Mmm. What is that?!"

Vs. GaohEdit


  • "All the dancing is boring. You will conform to my way!"


  • "Wow, I've beaten you! Ha ha, tiny dancer, ha ha."

Samurai Shodown (2019)Edit

Win QuotesEdit

Generic Win QuotesEdit

  • "Whaaaaa? You're quite the actor. Such wonderful flesh and blood. So bloody, so splendid!"
  • "My name is like booming thunder, and my dance will be burned into your vision. Consider it a gift to take with you to the afterlife!"
  • "Kill one or kill a thousand, you only get one head. Watch the demon dance, plucking your head like a flower!"
  • "Your bloody flesh is beyond priceless to me. I'll pay a small fortune for it!"
  • "What a lovely scene... Everyone is enraptured by my dance."
  • "Listen to what I say! Walking the path of glory with surging blood, I am Kyoshiro Senryo!!!"

Specific Win QuotesEdit

  • "Not even lightining flashing in the night sky, or a specter that threatens with sword drawn, can outdo my dance!" (vs. Basara)
  • "With the moon behind a hazy cloud, a smoky-blood spatterd flower glimmers against your pale face." (vs. Charlotte)
  • "Your skill in slicing through flesh and spraying blood, not to mention that body! Absolutely beautiful!" (vs. Darli)
  • "The bigger the purse, the more daring the thief. There is no ideal or principle too ironclad for me to cleave in two!" (vs. Earthquake)
  • "What a fiend you are, to unleash a dog on me! So brutal, even the King of Hell himself would shed a tear to see it!" (vs. Galford)
  • "The spectators gasp as even the gods pale before your glorious spirit!" (vs. Genjuro)
  • "And so, the sun slips into the west, and sets on another blood tide... Behold, such a beatiful death..." (vs. Hanzo)
  • "This victory belongs to me, but I have to say I'm impressed by your potent swordplay." (vs. Haohmaru)
  • "Try as you might, you'll never be able to match me!" (vs. Himself)
  • "Why won't you recognize the skill in my dance? No matter, just remember how you lost to it this day!" (vs. Jubei)
  • "" (vs. Kazuki)
  • "" (vs. Mina)
  • "Ah, it's hard to hit a hawk that doesn't make a sound. Oh, is that a falcon? Sorry, how rude of me..." (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "I'm chilled down to my marrow! Now I'll just have to dance even more to warm myself up!" (vs. Rimururu)
  • "To think I stole this victory from a fortuneteller. It's no wonder I have such amazingly good luck!" (vs. Ruixiang)
  • "Beautiful seductress. I mistook you for an angel. Yet your body spouting blood and falling over is also a sight to behold." (vs. Shiki)
  • "This kabuki I have mastered, dancing while slicing bloody ribbons off of demons, can stand up to your swordplay!" (vs. Shizumaru)
  • "" (vs. Sogetsu)
  • "An astonishingly large man, yet you fall like a piece of driftwood. It's just too much!" (vs. Tam Tam)
  • "The skill to cut down an opponent and then sheath your sword in one move... I can't help but stand and stare." (vs. Ukyo)
  • "" (vs. Wan-fu)
  • "Your multifaceted skills rival Goemon, and yet even the Buddha cannot forgive your blood-soaked hands." (vs. Yashamaru)
  • "You strike a handsome figure, and yet I will still stand victorious in the end!" (vs. Yoshitora)

Draw QuoteEdit

  • ""

Intro Quote (Story Mode)Edit

  • "We met here today because of fate. You will soon find my dance's form etched upon your very soul!"

Fateful Battle Pre-DialoguesEdit

Tam Tam

Tam Tam: "What is this place? Who are you? I've wandered into this weird place. But I sense that evil is close... The stone must be around here somewhere!"
Kyoshiro: "How dare you leap upon the stage in the middle of my dance! But that look on your face... As Kyoshiro is my name, I will be your partner in the dance of flesh and blood!"

Ukyo Tachibana

Kyoshiro: "So you have pursued this evil, too. I cannot give up this path until I have completed my dance... Come, my elegant opponent, it's time to fiiight!!!"
Ukyo: "...The border between this world and the world of the dead lies before us. Since neither one of us is prepared to turn back... I must ask your forgiveness!"

Win Quote (Story Mode)Edit

  • "Oh! Your exit is like a cherry blossom ready to fall as summer begins. Such elegance... Time for me to go, too!" (vs. Ukyo)

Quote vs. ShizukaEdit

  • "Such loathing! But... unless I put an en to this grudge, how will I ever master the art of kabuki?!"

End Quote (Story Mode)Edit

  • "Dance, dance like there's no tomorrow! Indeed, there is no better way to die than while dancing with joy!"
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