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Kimi Wa Hero: Taiketsu! Gotōji Kaijin-Hen (きみはヒーロー 対決たいけつ!ご当地とうじ怪人かいじんへん), translated as You Are The Hero: Showdown! Local Monsters Edition, is a school hero RPG game developed and released by SNK for Android and iOS. Main visuals and character designs were done by Falcoon.

Kimi Wa Hero has ended its service as of July 31, 2019.


The game is set in Japan, after the fall of a "Heroic Meteor", teenagers from across the globe began developing supernatural powers. Those who use their powers for villainy were called Kaijin (怪人かいじん), and those who use them for good and justice are called Heroes (ヒーロー). The main story revolves around the fight between Heroes and Kaijin.


Main Characters

Crossover Characters

Samurai Shodown

Fatal Fury / Art of Fighting / The King of Fighters

The Last Blade

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

  • Miss X - As the original cross-dressing form


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