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In this Korean name, the family name is Kim.

Kim Sue Il (Hangul: 김수일, Hanja: 金秀一, Japanese: キム・スイル, Kimu Suiru) is one of the main protagonists in Kizuna Encounter. He is named after the real Taekwondo martial artist, Hwoan Sue Il. In Gamest's 1997 Heroes Collection, Kim was voted as the staff's twenty-seventh favorite character. He shared the spot with King of Fighters character, Clark Still.

He is voiced by Yoshiaki Fujita.


Kim is a Korean detective with a very strong sense of justice. He grew up learning about morals from his father while his mother taught him Taekwondo. He learns of a criminal named Joker and travels to Jipang City to arrest him. He learns that Joker is going to enter the "Battle of the Beast God" tournament held by King Lion and enters the tournament with Rosa. Arresting Joker, Kim immediately returned to Korea.


Kim is very serious and focused on his work.


  • Energy Attacks - Kim can increase the damage caused by his staff and kicks with energy.
  • Phoenix Attack - Like his ancestor, Kim is able to summon a phoenix while using his version of the Ho'Oh Kyaku.

Fighting Style

Kim's fighting style is very similar to Kim Kaphwan's, but he also implements staff attacks in his moveset. He uses Hisen Zan (analogous to Kaphwan's Hien Zan but done with staff instead of kick), Hishuu Kyaku and Dangetsu Zan (analogous to Hishou Kyaku and Hangetsu Zan) moves, as well as shares Ho'ou Kyaku super. He has one unique move, Sanren Geki (possibly based on Kaphwan's move of the same name), which is a 3-part autocombo.

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