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Kim Dragon (キム・ドラゴン or 金龍) is a character in the World Heroes series.


Kim Dragon is a famous martial arts movie star. His career is compared to that of singers, but he wants to be a great fighter as well. He enters the tournament to prove his point.

Though he was Chinese, his mother was Korean, hence his surname. His stage in World Heroes 2 was set in Korea, due to him filming a movie there.


As a fighter, he is very cocky, but as a person, he is very caring.


  • Dragon Kick - Dragon can deliver a flying kick fueled by chi energy that takes the shape of a dragon head.
  • Fast Punching - Dragon can deliver several punches almost at the same time.

Fighting Style

He fights with Kung Fu techniques (probably inspired by Bruce Lee's 'Jeet Kune Do' principles of Wing Chun).

Cultural References

Clearly inspired by martial arts film icon, Bruce Lee, the only difference between the two is that Kim is half-Korean and Lee was Chinese-American (and Lee openly referred to himself as American). Some of his moves are also loosely based on Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star).


  • The Man Who Was Called the Dragon - World Heroes
  • Mezase! Hong Kong Movie Star - World Heroes
  • Mighty Stroke - World Heroes 2
  • Turn Right the Knob! - World Heroes 2

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