Keiichiro Washizuka (鷲塚 慶一郎, Washizuka Kei'ichirō) is a character from The Last Blade series. He is symbolized by the Shinsengumi banner, embroidered with a kanji roughly meaning duty. His official slogan is "Sword Wolf": 誠忠の剣 (Seichū no Ken, lit. Sword of Loyalty).

He was created to resemble the alternate portrayal of the historical Hajime Saitō, one of the main characters from the Rurouni Kenshin series. His distinctive x-shaped scar is actually a feature shared with the manga's protagonist, Himura Kenshin.

He is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi.


Keiichiro Washizuka is a unit leader of the Shinsengumi, a police-like group during the Bakumatsu era. He is a firm believer in restoring order to Japan, and in the old ways of Samurai sword fighting. As such, he carries a very serious persona. He is extremely loyal to his Shinsengumi unit, and is a friend of Kojiroh Sanada. He is the only one in the unit who is aware that “Kojiroh” is actually Kojiroh's younger sister Kaori.


Keiichiro is a very serious man, probably due to some trauma, and thus takes his duties quite seriously. He is one of the few people that knows the current Kojiroh is actually Kaori, his sister, and seems to be very close to both him and her.


  • Energy Projectile - Keiichiro can fire a projectile of energy from his sword.
  • Energy Attacks - Keiichiro can fuel his sword with ki energy.
  • Fast Slashing - Keiichiro can deliver several slashes almost at the same time.

Fighting Style

Tennen Rishin-ryū was a real fighting style used by the Shinsengumi. It uses various horizontal and vertical slashes along with rigid-and-focused stabbing attacks; the aforementioned Saito Hajime's variation being the Gatotsu (Fang Thrust) is a testament to this historical nod.

Washizuka being a charge character made his gameplay unattractive, yet powerful. In possible response, Kojiroh was introduced as a motion-based character wielding plenty of Washizuka's arsenal. A majority of his attacks have either an "air/emptiness" motif (Shikkū Satsu and Kokū Satsu) or a wolf motif (his Rouga series of attacks).

Washizuka in Power is reminiscent of charge characters typically found in Capcom games, including its command buffering behavior. In Speed and EX, the chain combos help him become a more effective character, giving the chaining motion a way to buffer charge attacks and pull them off within a combo. He's mostly reliant in combos to rack up damage and most of his basics require timing to correctly connect.

Game Appearances

Last Blade Drama CD

Washizuka makes an appearance while pursuing a demon under protection of an oblivious Yuki. He fights with both Hyo Amano and Yuki before they are interrupted.


  • Although he is not named, Washizuka most likely saves the historical Sakamoto Ryōma in his Neo Geo Battle Coliseum ending.


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