Kamui Kotan or Kamuy Kotan (カムイコタン), roughly translated as "Kami Village" or "the place where God lives", is a fictional village where Nakoruru and her relatives live. The village's name could have taken its namesake from the mythical Ainu deity, Kamui Kotan koru Kamui.

In reality, Kamui Kotan is used by the Ainu to name places that are purely natural and shouldn't be reached by people through normal means - according to the legends and myths of their various kamui. As such, there are various locations that previously held the title; a few of the well known locations are Ishikari River, the Rekifune River near Taiki, and Rubetsu Village. The standard Japanese spelling of the term Kamui Kotan is "神居古潭".


Surrounded by mountains and forests, the village inhabitants are friends with animals and nature. They only take what they need for surviving the trials of the four seasons. It is often seen covered in snow though there are times when it will melt to reveal the lush landscape. Players usually fight in different parts of Kamui Kotan throughout the Samurai Shodown series.

In the Nakoruru ADV, the residents also celebrate a festival at the end of each year called Itocaina (イトカイナ). Generally, it is an event that thanks Kamui for the bountiful harvests and honors the spirits of those lost in the year or those in nature. Each person presents their individual craft and shares them with the rest of the village. After the religious ceremonies are finished, villagers can also commence a ritual marriage proposal. Should a man have someone they have been infatuated with during the year, he could present the one of his affections with a gift (usually a type of fanciful beaded wreath). If his recipient accepts, they are officially regarded by the village to be man and wife. Traditionally, priestess are exempt from this act as the village chief chooses the ones they will marry.

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