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Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash (天外魔境 真伝, Tengai Makyō: Shinden) is a fighting game for the Tengai Makyō series. The game was developed by Hudson and released by SNK. It was released on July 28, 1995 for the Neo Geo and December 8, 1995 for the Neo Geo CD.

The main series is composed of three separate games within the land of 'Jipang' (a fictionalized version of feudal Japan), each follows a descendant of the 'Fire Clan' and supporting cast in battles against a range of often comical villains. The stories of the games, though primarily of 'fantasy' fare, also attempt to provide commentary on common misconceptions about Japanese culture by western societies.


The games are largely the creation of Hiroshi Adachi (under the nickname 'Ōji Hiroi') and Red Company (today Red Entertainment). Virtually all publishing tasks have been handled by Hudson Soft (now a subsidiary of Konami).

Most players will note that the series also makes reference to another 'creator', Paul Hieronymus Chada, who is presented as an 19th century Smithsonian sociologist/historian similar to that of Sigmund Freud or Karl Marx. The imagery however is part of a running joke in the series, as P.H. Chada does not exist. He is a fictional 'author' of the stories of the Tengai Makyō series, whose blatant exaggerations of 'Jipang' represent the misconceptions western societies have held with regard to Japan. 'P.H. Chada' is actually the anagram of 'Prince Hiroi Adachi'.


Manjimaru Sengoku (Seiyū: Kazue Ikura)
Protagonist of Tengai Makyō II: Manjimaru. Purple-haired swordsman.
Danjūrō Kabuki (Seiyū: Kappei Yamaguchi)
Loud-mouthed and confident kabuki swordsman. Has multi-colored hair. A recruitable character in Tengai Makyō II.
Orochimaru (Seiyū: Kaneto Shiozawa)
A recruitable character in Tengai Makyō Ziria. Uses snakes at his command.
Taro Gokuraku (Seiyū: Souichiro Akaboushi)
A fire-breathing giant who smiles a lot.
Tsunade (Seiyū: Hiroko Emori)
A recruitable character in Tengai Makyō Ziria. Can summon slugs.
Kinu (Seiyū: Azumi Inoue)
A solemn and quiet girl with half-demon blood. She travels with her huge white dog, Shiro.
Yagumo (Seiyū: Ai Orikasa)
Original character for the game.
Ziria (Seiyū: Mitsuo Iwata)
Protagonist of Tengai Makyō Ziria.


Manto Ace (Seiyū: Shigeru Chiba)
Neo Geo CD only character. A character that appears in the Tengai Makyō series as a know-it-all character.
Karakuri Soldier
Neo Geo CD only character. Common minion that appeared in Tengai Makyō Ziria.
Jyashinsai (Seiyū: Seizō Katō)
The same final boss from Tengai Makyō Ziria. CPU only character.
Lucifeller (Seiyū: Seizō Katō)
Fights with sorcery and other forbidden techniques. CPU only character.


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