This page includes English translations for the short character stories found on the Japanese official website for KOF: Maximum Impact. These stories were originally written by Akihiko Ureshino.

Alba MeiraEdit

Tears fell ceaselessly from the empty colored sky. The man with a white forelock stayed within the downpour, the rain pelting into him.

"So this is where you were."

Anne came to him holding an umbrella.

"Everyone's worried about you. Let's go back."
"I... I want to stay. Go back without me, Anne."
"Alba... I understand."

Alba was alone again.

<Back then, I should have never allowed you to go by yourself. Fate... What should I do...? Am I just to watch that man dominate downtown without you...>

The rain relented, and he was encouraged to look above.

"That's right. I'm old enough now to not always rely on your protection."

Alba smiled at his habit of wanting to be pampered by Fate.

"I'll rely on my own power and settle the score myself. I'll protect the values you taught me, so please be at peace."

So saying, Alba left and walked towards his destination. He was prepared to face the dangers ahead.

Soiree MeiraEdit

Soire looked for his older brother, Alba, everywhere. Something felt incredibly wrong.

"Where, where are you, Brother?"

He checked every regular spot and every hunch. But Alba was no where to be found...

<He wouldn't. Did he go to see that guy!?>

Soiree ran, and he found Alba at a dead end corner of a warehouse. Further ahead stood a giant man. He couldn't make out the figure's face, but the scar tearing across his neck was bare for all to see.


Soiree called out to Alba. In the next moment, a glint of light trailed behind the man's back. Alba then toppled soundlessly to the ground.

"It... It was a dream."

He jerked from his bed and sat upright, his hand wiping away the perspiration from his brow. Dawn was beginning to break outside his window.

"I won't let it be a reality. I won't let Brother meet the same end as Fate. I'll protect him myself."

He pledged this to himself quietly.

Lien NevilleEdit

People shouted for their orders endlessly, jamming the restaurant with the lunch hour rush.

"Can't I get some quality customers now and then?"

The shopkeeper bemoaned the line of clamoring people at the front of his place. Suddenly, not a moment afterwards, a woman graciously opened the door and entered. The no-name place was plain and forgettable, but it instantly changed into a outlet worthy of housing the classy Paris Collection with her presence. Her hair was a gorgeous blond and her features were chiseled with the features of Greek statues. She was the muse for voracious super models everywhere.

"A slice of tomato sandwiched between a bagel, please. Oh, and a cup of coffee."

Three seconds was all it took for the owner to notice her whose eyes were unable to part from her beautiful lips.

"Special tomato bagel sandwich right here, Miss."

The woman blessed him with a smile before she took the bag and left. The usual bustling of the restaurant resumed. A man who cradled his beer at the counter spoke up.

"That woman is no goddess. She's Death itself. She's the assassin raised by Duke who killed Fate. I think her name was Lien."

It became silent as a grave when he was finished. The men began to ponder. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to die if Death was that good-looking.

Kyo KusanagiEdit

Daytime in clear weather. If holiday, the bustling square of the dry riverbed of the boy voice is heard. Weekday daytime appearance of people is sparse, moderate. The man, Standing in the middle of the square, stared at the sky that was blue and sunny Not even the tip of the eye that cloud, only the blue world are spreading. "I stay or that even where that can fine me" words spilled from the mouth of the man was too deep meaning. It's called Kyo Kusanagi by that man, you have been further amplified the weight of the word. "... Something new would happen," I have grasped in his right hand, an invitation to that tournament. "The result is I do not see for yourself only" shoves in his own ordeal. Closed eyes gently opened. His eyes had become the eyes of the fighter already. Kyo began to walk back looked like a fun thing to expect a child somewhere.

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