Johnny Maximum (ジョニー・マキシマム) is a character in the World Heroes series. He was first introduced in World Heroes 2.


Johnny Maximum is a brutal "killing machine". He plays football because of its violence, and he searches for victims in the World Heroes tournaments. In World Heroes Perfect, it was revealed that he has a wife and child.


Johnny likes using brutality, and he is very sadistic. He apparently repents from his actions, however, since his son wants to be like him and he doesn't approve of it.


  • Energy Projectile - He can fire a football-shaped energy projectile.

Fighting Style

Maximum uses a fighting style based on football, using dash attacks and throws.

Cultural References

Johnny Maximum was inspired by the famous football player, Joe Montana.


  • Johnny Let's Dance - World Heroes 2
  • Embracing Lost Time - World Heroes 2

Game Appearances

Cameo Appearances


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