John Crawley (ジョン・クローリー, Jon Kurauri) is a character from the Art of Fighting series of fighting games, created by SNK.


John Crawley was a captain in the navy and a martial arts instructor that was known as the "Mad dog" and the "Killing Machine". During a mission he was shot in the back, but was eventually saved by Mr. Big. John retired from the navy and eventually joined Mr. Big's syndicate. He fought Ryo and Robert aboard the carrier, the Guardian, but was defeated. John then told the duo to meet Mr. Big at the factory.


He is very confident of his skills and has no problems with killing people.


  • Energy Projectile - John can fire different types of energy projectiles from his hands.
  • Energy Attacks - John can infuse his hands with energy.


  • Firearms: John is proficient with many if not all kinds of firearms.
  • Survival: John can survive in many kinds of rough terrain, especially jungles.
  • Knife: John can also use knifes.

Fighting Style

His fighting style is very acrobatic, using several kicks and punches varieties. John uses an original martial art probably inspired on boxing, savate, wrestling and street fighting.


  • Kouko Bokan! (Aircraft Bop) - Art of Fighting
  • Mustang Man - Art of Fighting 2

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John's card from Card Fighters Clash 2

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